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2nd round of National Deworming Day observed in Nagaland

Deworming 2

Dimapur, October 28: The 2nd Round of National Deworming Day 2020 is being observed in all health units, villages and AWCs under Dimapur District. The National Deworming Day will be observed throughout the month of October 2020 in the district.
Dr. Rebecca, DPO, RCH/UIP stated that according to World Health Organization 241 million children between the ages of 1 and 14 years are at risk of parasitic intestinal worms in India, also known as Soil-Transmitted Helminthes (STH). STH infections can lead to anemia, malnutrition, impaired mental and physical & cognitive development, and reduced school participation.
STH is transmitted through the adult worms live in human intestines for food and survival and produce thousands of eggs each day; eggs are passed in the feces of infected person; infected people who defecate outdoors spread worm eggs in the soil.
She further informed that STH infections can be prevented by using sanitary toilets, not defecating outside; hand-washing, particularly before eating and after using toilets; wearing slippers and shoes; washing fruits and vegetables in safe and clean water; and eating properly cooked food.
National Deworming Day is to deworm all preschool and school-age children (enrolled and non-enrolled) between the ages of 1-19 years through the platform of schools and Anganwadi Centers in order to improve their overall health, nutritional status, access to education and quality of life.
However, as all schools are closed due to the COVID19 pandemic, health workers in Dimapur District are providing albendazole tablets to children at the health units while the ASHAs and AWWs are distributing the tablet at the AWCs as well as visiting door-to-door to provide the tablet to the children in the village level. In some villages, the albendazole tablets are also distributed to Sunday School children. (Page News Service)