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2nd November 2019

ARIES: You are spontaneous, excitable, restless and ready for change. You’ll respond quickly to new people and new activities now particularly those that relate to your social life. It is good to feel free and fresh and would be helpful for you to make some changes in your tastes and attitudes.
TAURUS: This is a favourable time for planning some new activity. You may feel bogged down by details and can push impatiently to get things going. However, the energy you put in to advance thinking now can pay dividends later by saving you time and energy.
GEMINI: You may feel as if your freedom is being threatened and can overreact to anything that feels like a restraint. If you are willing to move carefully, though, you can use this time to find a way to make the unusual or the exciting real for you.
CANCER: Good karma is going to bless you with some new romantic experience or friendship now. The next couple of days could be crucial in either discovering and developing a new love affair or taking an existing one to new heights.
LEO: At this time, you put extra energy into thinking about and organizing your most intimate relationships. Decisions you make at this time are likely to work out well because you are thinking outside the square.
VIRGO: Don’t take your health for granted today as you may have a sense that something is not altogether right. If in doubt, seek the assistance of a specialist to address this particular problem. By fighting for what you believe in, even with clients, a dispute may turn out to be to your benefit.
LIBRA: A speedy romance is suggested but whirlwind love affairs have a low rate of success. Studying the possibilities of life will be of interest to you, and you may realise that there are more alternative paths than you had imagined.
SCORPIO: You can make more money from your craft but don’t push yourself too hard. Work has to be enjoyable not just lucrative. Don’t allow melodramas of the heart to dominate your domestic sphere. There could be several bushfires you have to put out at once.
SAGITTARIUS: Rejection is hard to take but has its lessons to teach you at the moment. One door may close so be ready for a new one to open. Let the past be just thatthe past. In some workplace negotiations, you may need to deal with someone who has left an unpleasant taste in your mouth.
CAPRICORN: If you deliberate on deciding for too long opportunities can pass you by. This is an unusual day in that you may need to act decisively in matters relating to finance and income but may not be in full possession of all the facts.
AQUARIUS: You are reactive and likely to go off for no reason. There’s also no use crying over spilt milk, or, in your case, lost relationships. Learn from your errors. Read the character of others to learn about them. You feel the distance and don’t quite understand why you can’t make an impact on others today.
PISCES: You’ll have some slight relief from work today. Take time to sort out issues that demand your attention before beginning a new line of work. A challenging opportunity is attractive to you and you mustn’t have any fears that your skills will have shortcomings.