Monday, July 26, 2021
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2nd May 2019

ARIES: Take better care of your health and physical well-being. Overdoing it will lead to exhaustion or injury. Pay close attention to information being shared. Verify what you hear before you decide to spend money or make a vocational move.
TAURUS: Personal change will have a positive effect on someone you love, not to mention help you out when it comes to attitude, business and getting things done. A passionate approach to life will be better than channeling your energy into anxiety and excess.
GEMINI: Take a moment to reconsider your next move. Don’t get snowed into something that will do you more harm than good. Living in moderation and following your own path will prove to be beneficial. Keep your emotions under control.
CANCER: Do your own thing and enjoy. Live in the moment, and say no to anyone prompting you to be indulgent or lavish in any way. Focus on personal improvements, love and ensuring that important relationships are heading in positive directions.
LEO: Shine brightly, but don’t make promises you cannot deliver. Your heart may be in the right place, but your reputation will suffer if you are too accommodating. Only agree to what’s doable, and make changes that are necessary.
VIRGO: Simplify your life by sticking to the people you can trust and the prospects that are worthwhile. Learn as you go, and base each move you make on logistics. A domestic or professional change should be made for the right reason.
LIBRA: Take positive action when it comes to your relationships with others and choosing friends who have as much to offer as you do. Refuse to let anyone dictate what you can do. Be honest but not too revealing.
SCORPIO: Get out and participate in events and activities that are conducive to connecting with people who can help you get ahead. Mix business with pleasure, and you’ll enjoy sharing your success with someone you love.
SAGITTARIUS: Keep your personal thoughts and information to yourself in order to avoid someone taking advantage of you. Stick close to home, and keep your loyalty where it belongs. Don’t overdo it physically, and protect yourself emotionally.
CAPRICORN: Old friends and lovers will have an impact on your day if you reach out. A change at home will be in your best interest. Don’t hesitate to engage in something that encourages you to revisit an old dream.
AQUARIUS: Listen carefully and pursue your goals on your own. Your best effort will come from taking care of personal affairs that can be done only by you. Leave no stone unturned, and stick to a plan that is realistic.
PISCES: You may feel like sharing your opinion, but don’t make someone angry in the process. Offering too much information can have a devastating effect on a friendship or your relationship with a sibling. Offer help, understanding and compassion.