Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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2nd March 2020

ARIES: Ideas can be big and compelling, but it can be difficult deciding on something to focus on with your conflicting feelings and a somewhat chaotic atmosphere around you as a result. These things can lead to a restless state in which you feel pressured to get something done, but you’re not sure where to begin!
TAURUS: As you learn more about your needs today, you get to know yourself better, and when you pick up steam later, you’ll benefit from this self-knowledge. Going at an easy pace suits you well, in general, so it shouldn’t take you long to vibe.
GEMINI: Your moods can certainly clash with your over-arching goals, but your need for some personalized care and attention today is undeniable. If you end up feeling unusually restless, try to direct frustrated energy into a compromise, but watch for too-quick decisions.
CANCER: Consider that tying up loose ends, reflecting, and catching up on rest can help you get back to these things feeling renewed and motivated. Seek out patches of time to yourself, and aim to fight off restlessness with compromises, if need be. Aim to tune out some of the noise and tune into your inner world.
LEO: A project or plan may have its own form of growing pains right now, but through this, you may see your options more clearly. Pressures to grow or improve can be real, but you can’t do everything all at once, so avoid rushing today.
VIRGO: If there have been complicated power dynamics or stress about money and talents or resources, this conflict can come to a head. Do what you can not to scatter your energies. Sometimes, compromises are harder to reach than compartmentalizing, and today may require the latter.
LIBRA: It may be that you need a change of pace or a change of scenery just for a spell to come back more refreshed. Moving just a little out of your comfort zone can be invigorating. You may need a morale boost or a bit of a push over a hump to get back to it.
SCORPIO: It may be that a compromise will stress you out further since it can mean taking on more than you can handle. Instead, consider going all-in for a short period, and then stepping back when you’re feeling the need for an escape. In truth, you’re in a powerful cycle for diversifying and exploring your creativity, and it makes sense to let your mind wander so that you can get in touch with your muse.
SAGITTARIUS: You may be tempted to change direction now, but it may only be that you need a brief change of pace before getting back to it. As such, don’t drop something if you’ve already covered a lot of ground based on a sudden and temporary mood.
CAPRICORN: While it can feel as if you’re being drawn off track, this can be a good time to do something different-it might even serve to refresh you. Even if it appears that the work you need to handle limits your time spent with new interests and learning, you can benefit from a break in the action.
AQUARIUS: Emotional and physical energies may be mismatched just for now, and it’s best to avoid taking on too much. The sooner you seek out balance, the sooner you can enjoy your day. The key to emotional refreshment right now may be to partake in some activities that you genuinely enjoy, as well as to express yourself from the heart.
PISCES: Some desires or issues that seem pressing may not actually be, and waiting things out might work to your advantage. Of course, not everything works in this way, but if you can honestly assess things and see where you’ve been rushing, it makes sense to back off just a bit to get some emotional refreshment.