Saturday, September 18, 2021
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2nd March 2019

ARIES: There may have been a rude awakening of sorts in recent days or a disturbance that made you wonder about someone’s affections towards you, but today, you are learning from the experience. There is some tendency to see things for what you want to see today, however.
TAURUS: You can be a little starry-eyed this morning, in fact, after which you’re increasingly attracted to projects and situations that feel reliable, practical, and long-term. This is not the time to be seeing romantic or social relationships very clearly, and you may very well be faced with a misunderstanding in this respect.
GEMINI: It’s an excellent day for winning someone’s favor or trust. It’s also good for taking a friendship to another level. Even so, try to avoid making promises that you may not be able to keep at a later date. The tendency to overestimate your capabilities runs high right now.
CANCER: Taking a new approach to putting forth your goals is in order now. Pleasant, non-demanding activities shared with special people can be a release from your regular concerns. Take a break from the usual routine and try something different now, if possible.
LEO: Someone’s faith in you can brighten your day, as you only want to prove further that they are correct for thinking so highly of you! Romantic and sentimental feelings are active right now, and for the creative, this can be a good day for expressing your art and receiving good feedback.
VIRGO: Improving intimacy with a partner or a friend now is more about listening well without judging. You are inclined to help someone out today, just for the sake of helping, and it’s bound to feel good. It’s a good day as well for romantic pleasures and comforts.
LIBRA: Do consider that you might be seeing more value in something (or someone) than is realistic just for now, however, so it may be the best time to commit or decide important affairs, but it’s just fine to pick up on cues you might miss on a more practically-focused day.
SCORPIO: There is some tendency to make more of something than it is, however, or to gloss over uncomfortable details. Your magnetism remains strong, and you may very well enjoy a bit of fantasy now. Your imagination is soaring.
SAGITTARIUS: Sometimes after a disruption, there is a strong feeling of growth and even a feeling of having a new lease on life, and this is the kind of emotion you could be experiencing today. It’s a good time to allow yourself to be a little vulnerable. In fact, this only serves to boost your appeal.
CAPRICORN: Express your sincere interest and let things unfold from there. The social side of working through a problem is of greater appeal now, and helping someone out can very effectively give them a message that you care, perhaps even more so than showier displays of affection.
AQUARIUS: Others are appreciating the very qualities you project naturally, and they may be hanging on your every word. It’s a time for basking a little but sharing as well. Your words can be healing, and so can the words you receive in reciprocation.
PISCES: The day can be much like the calm after the storm, and it’s appropriate to let things unfold as they may. The comforts of familiar settings and possibly even some level of solitude are fully appreciated as the day advances. It’s a fine time for kicking back and enjoying quiet moments.