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2nd June 2018

ARIES: There is a possibility of unnecessary excitement. You might feel impatient and want everything at once. You will be in the limelight and hold every body’s attention. Sudden gains through association with people, the rise in financial status are indicated.
TAURUS: You may get new openings some profitable relations shall develop. Be open to take risks and joining the new enterprise. Trying out new ideas shall help you now. Some long pending money matters may give positive indications and that shall make you happy.
GEMINI: Thoughts of your beloved will bring you a handful of fresh air and it will make you look forward to your time together. Those who are attached will also enjoy a good time with spouse.
CANCER: The past will be behind you. But you may have to exercise extreme diplomacy and tact while dealing with people who are from your past. Some monetary gains may come your way, gains from the property are also possible.
LEO: You shall be in a position to take a new looking at your financial needs and your ability to earn. Your work front will need special attention, as there may be new job offers that may confuse you. Be attentive and flexible, that way you may be able to make the right choice.
VIRGO: There may be too many activities in your life and you may wonder why you have no control over your destiny! Do not worry, try to maintain a patient attitude and soon you will find that life is back to its normal routine. Try to put aside certain money during this period in long-term fixed return generating instruments.
LIBRA: Increase in the inflow of cash is visible. This is not the time for confrontations; this is the time for consolidation. Try to inculcate the spirit of freedom, truth and honesty into your heart. You will automatically feel the difference.
SCORPIO: You would not be hesitant and recognize the necessity of taking things in your stride and find a long-term solution to a nagging problem. Be careful about what you eat and try to include some rest on your daily agenda.
SAGITTARIUS: If you are in an active sport or in the creative field, you may find other people to be more interfering than usual. Keep to your course and avoid confrontations. The emphasis is on relationships today. Your emotional quotient will be up to the mark. You will handle relationships carefully.
CAPRICORN: Speculative income is possible. The money will be in good supply but so shall be the expenses. Keep your temper under control. Things may also be going a little crazy otherwise. Your entire schedule may be turned upside down with the current circumstances.
AQUARIUS: You may behave in a mysterious fashion-throwing people out of gear. Cool down – you have yet to learn to play the game of diplomacy. This is a superficial condition; the core is intact. Do not take any hasty decisions today. Best thing to do is to wait for a while.
PISCES: You may seek support and confidence from close partners, associates and even family members. You shall get the full support from all quarters. If you throw in your lot with someone you trust, there’s no end to what you can do.