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2nd July 2020

ARIES: You must ‘stick to your guns’, even if others are trying to distract you from what you’re doing. When it rains, it pours. You’ve been waiting for opportunities to start rolling in, and now they are. You realise you haven’t planned effectively enough to deal with the influx.
TAURUS: You feel like you have been in prison and want to break out. You have to play it safe for now. You want to let go of the old structures and stodgy rules. Freedom and trying new things is appealing to you. If you can, try to stick to some sort schedule.
GEMINI: It’ll be an exciting day, but also mentally exhausting. You’ll start something and have to start again. This may happen several times. The flow of your normal day-to-day routine is impeded. Even your facts may be contradicted by other facts.
CANCER: If you’re planning to study something new, it’s important to first be clear on what that is. You are confused. You may think you want to pursue some course of study. Is this simply because others have made a lot of money out of it? You believe a specific career is cool and prestige.
LEO: You have to be better equipped today, especially if your work has been more demanding lately. Raise the bar higher by deepening and extending your knowledge base. It’s not a bad idea to avoid people who aren’t intellectually up to par.
VIRGO: You can’t keep up with your friends at the moment. What’s the purpose of your social life? Time is becoming more valuable. Youre realising that some of your social peers don’t respect time in the way that you do. You want to enjoy their company but have doubts about them.
LIBRA: The Moon transiting your second house indicates a more serious approach to money is necessary. You’re flip-flopping on important financial matters. Step aside from your normal monetary mentality. You must learn the art of getting money to work for you.
SCORPIO: There are going to be constant changes in your home life over the coming days and weeks. You must be on your toes to deal with that effectively. This has happened because you’ve been overextending yourself in several directions.
SAGITTARIUS: Don’t allow trivial tensions on the domestic front to ruffle your feathers. Take the necessary measures to make peace, not war. Pride prevents either side from taking the first step. If you find yourself in a reactive groove get yourself out of the immediate situation and bring the pressure down.
CAPRICORN: Remain calm and collected because so much is happening right now. Your mind is dispersed. You’re trying to accomplish too much. On top of that, you’ve overcommitted to helping others with their problems. You dont owe everyone abundant free time.
AQUARIUS: What you have to say now impacts other people quite significantly. It’s as if you’re hitting the right chord with your words. You dont realise it, but in a way, youre acting as a sort of counsellor to some of your friends. That may not have been your initial intention.
PISCES: Major changes in your career occur now. You’re in an important transition phase. Your concern is about making sure your ambitions and dreams align. You need them to be extremely practical for yourself and others. You’re feeling that your current employment requires too many compromises.