Sunday, September 26, 2021
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2nd February 2019

ARIES: Today, while relationships can be tricky if faith is fizzling, you’re inclined to latch onto a vision that’s positive and inspiring. You’re thinking outside the box, and activities involving communications, travel, projects revolving around technology or alternative therapies, and love connections are favored. Surprises turn out pleasant in the end.
TAURUS: If you feel a compulsion to prove or defend yourself to people you shouldn’t need to do either of these things with, try to resist and let your actions speak for themselves. There are times when you are projecting your insecurities or lack of faith in yourself, and that’s what others might be reading.
GEMINI: The idea or anticipation of a situation may cause worry or concern, but once it comes to life, it’s far less sinister than you imagined. You can be wonderfully surprised now, and you’re inclined to feel lighter and happier as a result. Knowing you can handle just about anything that life throws at you builds confidence.
CANCER: Whether it’s about what’s happening or NOT happening in a relationship, there could be some cause for confusion or frustration now, dear Cancer. You might meet someone special through work or the pursuit of daily duties or health goals now, or pursuing your goals is more pleasurable and engaging.
LEO: A surprise attraction may be part of your day, and it’s a strong time for keeping things open, enjoying spontaneous pleasures, and entertaining fewer inhibitions. Mind you, some self-doubt, or doubt about recent undertakings, is natural right now and can help steer you in a better direction–you’re quick to pick yourself up.
VIRGO: Mind you, there can be brief wrestling with doubts involved, and they’re likely to do with questions of lovability or commitment, but recognizing these things as insecurities that you need to work through can help you move forward and enjoy yourself. In fact, understanding your limitations or vulnerabilities can help lead to a stronger sense of hopefulness and freedom.
LIBRA: Insecurities about intelligence, likability, or preparedness can be at the heart of problems now, and it’s a good idea to pay attention to these, but also to embrace this time as a chance to grow, improve, and accept that you’re perfectly imperfect! Your frankness can be a pleasant surprise, and you’re magnetic now.
SCORPIO: Soft spots may be about issues of lovability but coming out of a pity spell can be highly motivating at times like these. There can be a surge of excitement about money-making or work matters, and new ways to improve your health, job, or routines can figure strongly now.
SAGITTARIUS: You’re standing out from the pack in a pleasant way now. Creative talents are in the spotlight. You might turn heads and gain a few more followers or simply the attention of someone special. You feel a little more courageous about expressing yourself.
CAPRICORN: You might feel compelled to share a normally private feeling or to release yourself from heavy feelings that have weighed you down in a symbolic way. There may be a new development in an attraction or a private matter in a relationship. While you are a person who often wants to lock things down, feeling confidence when things are certain, leaving something just a little open today can be exhilarating.
AQUARIUS: You are open to new adventures and ideas right now, and this could involve a chance encounter or a lively connection. Your unique perspective is valued. There can be a feeling of relief or release from a concern or obligation, particularly related to a friend or a long-term goal, or something that’s now out in the open leaves you feeling a little freer or lighter.
PISCES: You’re also in an excellent position to connect with people in high places or those who can help your cause. Bringing a fresh attitude, idea, or method to the table can figure strongly, and you’re especially open to making progress, moving on, and embracing different approaches.