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2nd August 2019

ARIES: You’re extremely competitive right now and must be careful not to overstep the mark. Good sportsmanship is necessary as playing your best is the name of the game, not necessarily winning. There may be a subtle war or power play between you and friends to see who is the dominant player.
TAURUS: You mustn’t let your family and their belief systems overshadow your best efforts. It’s important to maintain independence and follow your own path. By the same token, you need to be diplomatic and respect other people’s opinions.
GEMINI: Your output will be minimal if you don’t have a plan. You could find yourself eroding time, putting out bushfires and generally dealing with people who just want to waste your time generally. This may start to get you down.
CANCER: If you’re confused about the status quo relating to your finances, it could have something to do with spreading yourself too thin. You must focus on one thing only at this time and relegate other items on your bucket list to a later time. Understanding the cycles of life is paramount today as well.
LEO: If you’re in a new relationship, you’ll start to realise that you’re probably wasting too much time. Get out of it early if there is no mutual benefit. You may end up feeling guilty afterwards for a while, but you realise that that may be the only option now.
VIRGO: You must be philosophical about your relationships and how that fits into your life goals right now. Don’t be too hopeful that others have exactly the same dream as you. That doesn’t mean you need to be at odds with each other, just that you need to at least be along parallel lines with similar objectives.
LIBRA: If you’re feeling run down or sick get medical advice to make sure it’s nothing serious. Also, the problem may have been previously misdiagnosed. New connections bring fabulous financial opportunities so keep your eyes and ears open for that snippet of information that could spell money.
SCORPIO: TThis cycle produces excellent vibrations for your social activities, which makes you stand out from the crowd. Your sexual appeal is strong. You may be spontaneously attracted to someone, even a stranger. Be careful you don’t end up impacting other areas of your life adversely.
SAGITTARIUS: You’re having some new feeling and it may take several days for you to get a handle on them. Don’t let this depress you. Taking stock of your workload is essential now. You may need to put this in writing to someone who is superior position to you.
CAPRICORN: You are likely to achieve your goals through purposeful action but need to avoid social distractions. You need to educate yourself and study something unique but the trick at this time is to find exactly what it is that gives you a sense of inner fulfilment and creative joy.
AQUARIUS: Don’t become too needy in relationships or you’ll lose power and the ability to negotiate things in your favour. A balance of giving and take is required. If you’re asking someone to diagnose or fix something, make sure they’re qualified.
PISCES: You sometimes have to create your own rules at work if you’ve been ‘toeing the line’ and feeling bitter and frustrated. Now is the time to create new standards. Your body could feel heavy and out of shape, which means that you need to reappraise your exercise regime just now.