Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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2nd April 2019

ARIES: Whoever or whatever baffled or bored you yesterday could prove to be your muse today, which adds to your creativity. Brainstorm away. Encourage others to play devil’s advocate. Your imagination draws on your experience.
TAURUS: One-on-one relating will delight you; however, it also might slow you down when it comes to dealing with a domestic matter. You’ll want to get some feedback. A friend or associate has an odd way of showing his or her support.
GEMINI: Keep reaching out to others. Someone close to you might be too chatty in your opinion. You’ll try to settle him or her down in order to complete certain projects. An older relative or higher-up has an unusual approach to a difficult situation.
CANCER: You are a whirlwind of energy. A conversation about funds needs to happen, whether you are speaking to a boss or planning a vacation. Imagine what you want, and live up to your expectations. A discussion allows greater understanding.
LEO: Your enthusiasm is hard to sit on. Your creativity adds extra pizzazz to whatever you do, but it might make a project more time-consuming. Weigh the pros and cons of producing a higher-quality product and having less free time.
VIRGO: Note the possibility of a discrepancy between what you say and what you are thinking. If there is a way to merge the two, do that. Otherwise, others might get confused. Listen to news from an associate carefully. Avoid a knee-jerk reaction.
LIBRA: Manage your schedule with an eye to effectiveness, and see what works best for the majority. You could be surprised by what you are hearing. Be nurturing and help others become more enthusiastic about an idea.
SCORPIO: You could be overwhelmed by everything you need to handle. Your sense of humour takes over at a certain point, and the task at hand becomes a lot easier. Make an important call, perhaps to an expert or confidant; you need solid facts.
SAGITTARIUS: You might feel as if you are playing the lead role in an action movie. You’ll tackle nearly any project, conversation or interaction with ease and skill. You could have a desire to go off on an adventure, but you’ll want to get as much done as possible first.
CAPRICORN: Take a break from the hectic pace you have been keeping. If an associate, partner or loved one expresses a desire to pitch in or take the lead, let him or her. Allowing this experience will be good for both of you. Be more present in a discussion.
AQUARIUS: Take a risk and move forward. You need to handle a personal matter as directly as possible. A meeting or discussion with a friend is likely to point you in a new, more successful direction. Follow this person’s lead, and you’ll be a lot happier.
PISCES: Others look to you to take the lead. If you want to take the reins, do. Your initial reaction will provide a good barometer for assessing what you should do and why. Know that you are in the unique position of following through on an important wish.