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29th October 2019

ARIES: There is good energy with you now for resolving conflicts or coming to agreements with others that genuinely work. You’re feeling brighter and wiser. Issues on the table today and tomorrow are tricky, however, as they have to do with differences in values as well as power, sharing, boundaries, or intimacy.
TAURUS: and balanced people today, or your unique approach to others brings out their sense of fairness. Debates, counseling sessions, consultations, brainstorming, and any other interpersonal problem-solving and decision-making can be wonderfully successful today and tomorrow.
GEMINI: Strong energy is with you today for pleasing relations with co-workers or others with whom you share your day. You are particularly insightful when it comes to methods for doing your work, organizing, planning, and sorting today and tomorrow.
CANCER: Love relationships benefit from a feeling of balance and mutual understanding today, dear Cancer. Creative design comes more easily now as you envision what you want to accomplish more readily than usual.
LEO: Good energy is with you today for solving problems, getting details sorted, and seeing more deeply into matters, dear Leo. Family relationships might get a boost, or improving the home environment through some form of a redesign can figure strongly.
VIRGO: You’re in good shape for smoothing over differences with others today and tomorrow, and for coming to agreements or expressing yourself more eloquently in your communications. There is gracious energy with us.
LIBRA: A delightful blend of the social and practical feels right to you today and tomorrow, dear Libra. Problem-solving related to business or practical affairs is especially favored. You might also tackle sorting out money or ownership problems now, and this can send you along a new, more empowered path.
SCORPIO: Connections and contacts made now can be particularly valuable and significant down the line, perhaps expanding your viewpoint on a matter. Your intelligence is playing a vital role in your considerable attractiveness right now. You might enjoy some creative inspiration and useful feedback on your projects.
SAGITTARIUS: You’re likely to find people to be particularly reasonable and ready to talk through problems today. The day can be constructive for finding the right resources to resolve a conflict or a personal challenge. Attention to the mental or emotional side of health is essential today and can lead you to important discoveries.
CAPRICORN: Aim to savor the moments and plan well today. Fortunately, good energy is with you for mapping out plans, making fruitful connections, and coming to agreements. You might meet particularly unique and interesting people now, or a friend introduces you to intriguing ideas or groups.
AQUARIUS: Today is an excellent time for formulating goals, connecting with people who can advance your plans, and good relations on the job or with people in high positions. Today’s energies are quite magical for dealing with a public or professional matter.
PISCES: You can feel building enthusiasm for your new projects, ideas, contacts, and connections. Today is useful for making long-term plans related to travel, writing, and studies, although you may want to leave some things open. It may not be time to lock things down.