Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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29th October 2018

ARIES: Today has the potential for being absolutely lovely. Some of you will find romance with someone from a far-off place or different culture. Trying something new will be good for your soul, so be open to new experiences. In-laws and other relatives at a distance are feeling generous towards you, so make an effort to communicate.
TAURUS: You’ll have a difficult time focusing. It will be too difficult for you to remain on one project for long. Your mind wanders. You will finally stop seeing all that extra paperwork across your desk. It’s time to get organized.
GEMINI: It will surely be a positive time to foster deeper emotional connections with your spouse or partner. Fix what went wrong yesterday. You have the edge in finding the time to make love not war.
CANCER: You will be insistent on maintaining control over your identity within the context of a relationship You might come across too strong on this matter. You will be busy in daily matters but able to delegate your tasks with absolute grace and diplomacy.
LEO: Authority figures will be on your side, but this does not mean you should avoid your responsibilities, especially regarding government papers and regulations. It’s tempting to spend much of the day in idle chit chat with your spouse or partner. Not much will be accomplished if you give in.
VIRGO: Today everyone is a little more agitated than usual. You’ll feel most frustrated in a sexual matter with your lover. You can’t get enough satisfaction. You will find yourself confused about a financial decision. Avoid making it if possible.
LIBRA: You have to be honest with your partner about finances today. It’s possible that you’re hiding something from him or her out of shame. Fess up! You might decide to start something new around the home.
SCORPIO: Your mind is on fire at the office today. You can bring a team together and delegate who is best for what task in a snap. It’ll be a super-productive time. Expect to be catalysed at work. Your value is indispensable.
SAGITTARIUS: There is likely to be a little over-indulgence that you’ve enjoyed lately and now you pay for it in your waistline! It’s time to get back on track with fitness.
CAPRICORN: Most Capricorns prefer to keep a high profile and many are well-respected members of their communities. Do a good deed or two and it is sure to be noticed. There is nothing wrong with doing something right while everyone is watching.
AQUARIUS: You’re willing to bet the farm on an investment opportunity today. Sure, the odds are in your favour, but you might want to double check before you make a financial commitment.
PISCES: Today the energy of emotional inhibition is strong. You’ll feel this most in the sense of worry over a legal matter. Anxiety is high but you’re very much in tune with your inner world.