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29th November 2019

ARIES: What you have to offer or want to do doesn’t mesh well with what seems to be necessary. While not a full-blown crisis, it is a time of strain and tension, which can be somewhat debilitating to your health. A partial retreat in order not to deplete yourself and your strength is beneficial right now.
TAURUS: Under the current astrological transits, your work practices will be misdirected during the coming days so you need to be a step ahead of this trend. You may not realize it but you’re upstaging others and this is somehow creating opposition from others.
GEMINI: You may be particularly alert at this time. Little things are not likely to slip by you and you can more clearly see how your emotions affect the way you communicate with others, especially at home over the next few weeks.
CANCER: You are forced to adapt to the person you love or a partner you wish to keep. You may think that their demands are over the top but these changes are for your personal growth and greater welfare. Before you listen to others think about what you’re wanting from the situation.
LEO: If married you should give your marriage a good shot in the arm now by spending more time together, having romantic evenings alone, vacationing, travelling, partying, dancing, and exploring new areas together. It’s time to get a break from the daily routine and responsibilities.
VIRGO: You’re juggling too many balls in the air to satisfy everyone. It’s time you did something for number oneyou, and without any guilt attached to it. There’s no harm in asking for proof if someone is trying to reel you in on a deal. No proof, no deal.
LIBRA: You may feel like you’ve been left behind by your partner. You need to increase your self-worth by doing something that lifts you to their level. There’s no use playing the victim game. It could be a rather difficult day where the demands of friends and co-workers take a toll on you.
SCORPIO: Pursuing goal-based intuitiveness will help you deliver better results that differentiate you from your competitors. You need to co-create partnerships to maximize your return is now in business and any work for that matter.
SAGITTARIUS: You may find solace in returning to someplace or environment that gave you happiness earlier in your life. Is this phase of your life comes to an end delving into your past may be a way of tying up these circumstantial loose ends?
CAPRICORN: There’s great pressure on you as you feel like you need to break out and experience more freedom. You can react strongly to those who want you to follow their plan. Your plans can be thrown off track by sudden shifts in the wind.
AQUARIUS: You’ll discover new aspects to your partner which will help reinvigorate your relationship. This will also make your social interactions sparkle as a couple. It’s a day of reconnecting with your lover and those you have lost touch with.
PISCES: You may be fascinated by astrology, mediumship, clairvoyants etc and could have an invitation to meet someone who could reveal some interesting things to you. Activities that take place now may require further work later on — or they may never be finished or see the light of day.