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29th May 2018

ARIES: This is a terrific time to reap the benefits of opening your mind to new ideas, so don’t let old habits keep you from trying something new. Publishing, higher education, religion and legal matters come to fruition now.
TAURUS: Your fantasy life is quite dominant today, so why not take some chances and investigate some rare foreign dishes! As usual, your head tries to rule your heart. This pleasant phase will keep you smiling for a long time children and speculative activities are emphasized.
GEMINI: It’s a day of upheavals and misunderstandings, so steer clear of egotistical types whose mission in life seems to be aimed at bugging you. Try not to be too critical, all the same, as not everyone can manage to live up to your high standards.
CANCER: This is the perfect day to remember and cherish the memory of the dead, so don’t feel like you’re being morbid. It’s only natural to wonder and think about those who have gone before us, and this will help you come to terms with your own physical mortality.
LEO: Practice creative visualization: the more you imagine something, the more likely it is to happen. Focus on the future vision you have for yourself and imagine the steps you must take to get there. Do this often and see how quickly fantasy can become reality.
VIRGO: Emotional strength is yours but don’t expect a day of ease. Some people will find an important relationship especially intense today; someone who challenges you to be your best is in the picture. This person may bring out the worst in you, but it is important to experience the depth of your feelings, reactions and responses
LIBRA: You’ll need to sustain your efforts in the morning, but soon you’ll feel some relief . Enjoy touching base with your pals; give them a call or meet one in a chat room and catch up on all the news. This is a fine time for socializing, so make plans.
SCORPIO: You might feel rather talkative. It’s time to catch up on all your correspondence, including phone calls and email. Any confusion you have encountered lately should begin to clear up. Say what you need to say while people are listening.
SAGITTARIUS: It’s best to keep this day low key,You could suffer indigestion from emotional upsets, so watch what you eat and when you eat. If you can, get plenty of rest today and do not attempt to start new projects Conserve your energy for tomorrow.
CAPRICORN: A delightful day. Romance is highlighted this evening and enjoy an evening for two. If you are single you will enjoy being surrounded by your favourite playmates. Gambling may attract, but if you hit a big one, take the money and run.
AQUARIUS: Today may be tense as someone may think they know how to run your life better than you do… maybe they are right, but you have the privilege of making your own mistakes.of course once you have tripped over your own two feet, you’ll need to take a good look at your shoelaces to see what went wrong.
PISCES: Spending time with family should be enjoyable today. Surround yourself with the people who make you feel good about yourself; life is too short to waste time on people you can never satisfy. You can choose your own personal tribe, and bloodties are not a requirement