29th March 2018


ARIES: Today stars are giving you a jolt of emotional strength and energy. You’ll need it, as responsibilities at home, career concerns, and personal relationships cry out for attention. You can’t tend to one thing more than another, or the whole structure will fall down; be sure to cover all your bases.
TAURUS: Today there shall be a passionate quest for the occult, the metaphysical, tantra, mantra, arcane ceremonies that come from hidden knowledge.Right now your contracts could take concrete shape and lead to equally concrete gains and advancement.
GEMINI: Your creativity rears its head today There is a chance that you may have to re-negotiate a deal that you thought was finalised. Professional interests should turn out just as you planned.
CANCER: Personally, you should be able to see things much more clearly now.Business activities gain momentum with a dose of renewed energy. Your romance may need to slow down a bit.
LEO: An off-key day, but one in which you can deal with some pending matters. You’re extra sensitive to things that seem normal to others.
VIRGO: Shopping for personal needs allows you to release some pent up tension. A delightful romantic experience will involve an old mate or friend.
LIBRA: The day will be one in which your interests will turn to the occult, matters of psychological motivation and the need to help those less fortunate than you. An old flame may reignite, or simply splutter away in the background. Resist the temptation to indulge in self-pity, or even self-destructive behaviour. Tonight could bring good luck.
SCORPIO: Hold your ground if you are currently involved in a project that will eventually improve the overall structure. Pick your battles wisely, compromising where necessary but standing firm for important principles and issues.
SAGITTARIUS: Don’t be too worried about the status quo, as stars shall help you get back on trackThis will have a powerful impression on you. Your friends and associates will play key roles in your personal transformation. Maybe you’ll play a key role in someone’s transformation.
CAPRICORN: The day offers psychological insights that will help you decide what to accept and what to reject. A friend gives you valuable feedback about an idea you have.
AQUARIUS: It’s hard to imagine anything being too much fun, but things could get out of hand today and tomorrow. If you use your superpowers of intuition, you may just be able to help someone who desperately needs a hand.
PISCES: Today you may be ready to give someone a piece of your mind. Choose your words carefully, as tomorrow there could be a showdown and you don’t want to show your hand prematurely. You have a chance to recruit others to your side now, so make the most of your opportunity.