Friday, September 24, 2021
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29th July 2019

ARIES: Be as mindful as possible, for if you act out without self-awareness, you may be taking risks, overpaying, or jumping into — or out of — something too quickly. It’s also possible that uncertainty about your income or security can interfere with your desire to have fun today.
TAURUS: Personal plans and your sense of freedom may seem at odds as a result. There are times when your “inner rebel” gets in the way of the calm you crave, and this can be the case today. Situations are calling you from all sorts of directions, and it can feel a little confining or scattered.
GEMINI: A part of you may very well want to break free from confining patterns and secrets, and this can be at the root of impulsive communications now. On some level, it may be a way of getting something out of your system.
CANCER: You may feel possessive, or you’re prompted to take a defensive stand with a friend or group you’re attached to if you feel limited or restricted by someone.
LEO: Things may fall into place given a bit of time and space. Watch for provocative, rebellious, or abrupt behavior that works against you.
VIRGO: Finding a way to balance everything you want to do with what you feel you should do for better physical and mental health can be difficult, but it’s your path now. Keep in mind that you’ll do nothing well if you don’t refresh yourself.
LIBRA: Aim to change your methods and pull yourself out of the usual patterns if you’re unfulfilled instead of expecting different results from the same approach. Accepting surprises rather than letting them discourage you can be helpful.
SCORPIO: Identify areas of your life that require a change or a new approach instead of falling back on the same behaviors that keep old patterns alive. Don’t allow yourself to be at the beck and call of a person who doesn’t return the favor.
SAGITTARIUS: Restlessness experienced today may very well be about a need for a change of pace. Indeed, your patience can be tested, as schedule problems and lack of organization can get in the way of your broader plans.
CAPRICORN: Aim to make your own choices rather than merely reacting to situations. The Moon’s move into your partnership sector today amps up emotions related to relationships, and it’s best to get in touch with your needs from others or your social life.
AQUARIUS: If you’ve been feeling some unrest due to feelings of being restricted, or the opposite, on edge, you’re likely to want to handle the situation now. Don’t wait for the rest of the world to decide what needs to change since taking steps to make your own changes is the path that empowers.
PISCES: It can be a real challenge to come together in agreement with others, as people may be too wrapped up in their own needs and wants, particularly as they relate to freedom and individuality. If others are pushing your buttons, try to keep a cool head today.