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29th February 2020

ARIES: You mustn’t go to extremes, either romantically or professionally. Allocate equal time for yourself as well as your friendships. Your energy levels fluctuate between high and low. This may have to do with a lack of control over your emotions.
TAURUS: All sorts of sporting and playful activities are spotlighted today. Children feature strongly under these transits as well. You feel great and will tackle the day with great optimism. Study your own history and roots to gain a clearer picture of the person you’ve become.
GEMINI: You are intellectually competitive right now. Unfortunately, you aren’t being challenged enough. You need to sink your teeth into something more substantial. Consequently, you’re probably seeking out greener pastures. Remember, fortune favours the brave.
CANCER: Your usual routine is thrown out of whack today. Unexpected incidents and distractions make it difficult for you to get anything at all done. Unforeseen events demand even more of your attention. Breaking free of tight schedules may not be possible now.
LEO: Those in your immediate environment are slipping and sliding all over the place. You can’t quite pinpoint what’s being asked of you. This is confusing. Pressing for more information will only complicate your understanding more.
VIRGO: Your self-confidence is peaking now. You’re full of ambition and realise your present circumstances aren’t fully satisfying you. You need a greater scope to express your creative instincts right now. Supervisors are obstructive.
LIBRA: Today, communicating with others will be more difficult, especially if others are being obstructive, even combative. This makes you less likely to communicate your ideas. You also have a feeling that others aren’t being completely honest.
SCORPIO: Friends are needling you for information, time and emotional advice. You can ill afford this, but feel obliged to at least spend a little time appeasing them. Everyone seems to be laying problems at your feet. You just have to grin and bear it! Your restlessness indicates you are spreading your interests in too many directions.
SAGITTARIUS: Why are you trying to win the approval of people who don’t matter? For some reason, you’re making extra efforts to prove a point. Analyse this carefully. You’ll come to realise that some of the people you’re ingratiating have no more power than you.
CAPRICORN: If you aren’t with people who share the same principles, you’ll be asking yourself what else is out there. You’re probably unconsciously looking for your ‘tribe’ to experience a more meaningful existence.
AQUARIUS: Your views on life are taking a dramatic turn for the better. You are particularly interested in cultivating new insights through studying and sharing ideas. Building a new network of friends is underscored. This has probably been a long term fantasy, but only now manifesting.
PISCES: Friendly discourse may become heated today. You have to pick your topics and your battles wisely. Rather, it may be more to the point to avoid specific subjects. In any case, keep your opinions to yourself if possible. Don’t impose your will on others.