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29th December 2019

ARIES: It’s time to reconsider how you can improve your resume. Don’t be afraid to show off your skills and tap into your amazing potential. You can have some fun with this as well! You may be thinking a great deal today and of course, planning what’s to come.
TAURUS: If you’re having a disagreement with someone you love, stick to the point and don’t bring up the past. Don’t finish their sentences for them. Slow, methodical thinking will help overcome any relationship difficulties. This requires patience on your part.
GEMINI: You have no patience for those whose conservative, unimaginative outlook limits theirs OR your capacity to broaden your horizons. You want to keep abreast of current developments in world affairs, for you instinctively know that what happens in one part of the world affects everyone.
CANCER: If you don’t feel successful enough you need to think outside the square. Use the power of your imagination and positive thinking to create a more conducive atmosphere for success. You don’t feel comfortable being competitive at present.
LEO: You need to be clear and firm in the way you direct others. There should be no room for ambiguity or you have no one else to blame except yourself things go awry. You could end up being blamed if something goes awry. Patterns of health continue to undermine your best efforts.
VIRGO: Try to focus on what’s going right rather than what’s wrong in your life as this could disturb your state of mind. The universe will only reflect back to you give. In the spiritual sense, the reaction is not opposite, but of the same intensity and resonates with exactly the quality of the vibrations emanating from you.
LIBRA: Self-sacrifice is pivotal in your experience now. If you’re really interested in changing things for the better, particularly in a social context, remember, that it all starts with yourself. Relationships challenge you so be careful in balancing your desires with those of your partner.
SCORPIO: Don’t continue working with people who have no passion for their work. This will only create a conflict of interests. You need to reserve your attack for a more appropriate time even if your impulse dictates otherwise. If you bide your time, you’ll be able to make a much bolder and effective statement.
SAGITTARIUS: Making peace is the name of the game at present, even if people are antagonistic. Conflicts will only stop you from getting things done. Remember, feeling good is an end in itself. It’s a day to create harmony in your environment and this should include such things as interior design, music and generally beautifying the space in which you live and work.
CAPRICORN: Enthusiasm and progress are the key issues for this period in your life. You’ll find that others who normally resist your suggestions are now more receptive and supportive. Organizations, businesses, and government agencies also respond favourably to your suggestions and proposals.
AQUARIUS: You’re highly motivated today so take a few deep breaths before pushing forward. This has to do with the fact that you are eager to get things done but bump others in the process of your enthusiastic drive.
PISCES: Right now, you may not know which way to turn with some significant decision. Indecision is the biggest erode of time for use it wisely right now. Remember, you can’t fix everything, even those things in your direct circle of influence. Your reactions result from an emotional base rather than a pragmatic rational one.