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29th December 2018

ARIES: Tension rises today. This is not the day to stand out, as people with hammers are looking for nails. Everyone is off their game, thanks to the cosmic aspects, so keep a conservative profile, no matter how aggrieved you feel.
TAURUS: You’ll feel good vibration. Your intuitive faculties should be finely tuned now, helping you to see future trends and events. Learning and trying new things becomes more enjoyable, so don’t be afraid to break with tradition.
GEMINI: No matter what is going on in your life, you should be able to find something to be joyful about tonight. Look to your siblings and neighbours for support; even if you think your life is terrible, there is always someone worse off!
CANCER: It’s very easy to get stuck in a rut when dealing with partners and friends. You know how it is, they say something and you always react in the same way. Well, this is a good day for being creative and altering the way you react, especially if your usual response causes bad feeling or tension.
LEO: Today you’re only really interested in doing things that have some meaning for you. Anything else doesn’t appeal very much and you’ll have a tendency to do it with a bad grace. If you have to do things that don’t float your boat, watch your temper and count to ten if you start to lose your cool.
VIRGO: If you haven’t been feeling well, you are likely to have more strength and energy today, your condition can be improved through positive thinking and skilful means such as meditation!
LIBRA: Although you might be feeling quite romantic, the planets are somewhat conflicted today, so proceed with caution. A hobby or favourite, solitary pastime might be more satisfying. Why not give your brain some exercise too, perhaps by reading an informative book or watching a TV programme that makes you think.
SCORPIO: You’re brimming with energy and high spirits today. What’s more, you’re feeling very sociable even if you were up half the night, so get together with friends and family or make contact with some of the people you haven’t seen recently.
SAGITTARIUS: Almost anything you do is enjoyable today. Whatever is on your agenda today, you should definitely make time to please yourself. Even if your most creative act is shopping at the mall, you should indulge in your favourite pastime.
CAPRICORN: A great day for immersing yourself in local activities. You might want to lend your services to a neighbourhood project, especially if you hope to increase your social life at the same time. If that sounds a bit ambitious, you’ll enjoy chatting to a neighbour or a local shopkeeper, even if you’re talking about very trivial matters.
AQUARIUS: You can boost relationships with children, strengthen rapport with your love, and expand social contacts. A new attraction could also be waiting in the wings for eligible ones. Remember to curb the urge to splurge in your pursuit of pleasure.
PISCES: You’re all too aware of the tasks and chores awaiting your attention today. They seem to be dogging your footsteps and filling you with guilt the longer you leave them. Gosh. There’s only one thing for it – get cracking on them! You may also have to cope with worries about someone’s welfare, or about your own health.