29th August 2018


ARIES: Your social needs take on a more private and introspective nature. You want to be alone more and you may take on a secret lover.
TAURUS: Be aware of the tendency you may have today to be over-generous with your resources. This is most likely to be financial ones, but it could also mean giving yourself away to others by over-compensating.
GEMINI: A friend may have one of his or her dreams realized today. This could have to do with publishing, the legal system or an international influence may be present. You’ll be there to applaud.
CANCER: The energy you have to use your talents in an innovative and progressive way to catapult you up the ladder of success is spectacular today. You will amaze and surprise authority figures at work.
LEO: Be aware of how confrontational your words could be today. It’s easy for others to perceive you as ramming your beliefs down their throats. Easy does it!
VIRGO: Your shadow will need to be confronted now,. Whatever you’ve tried to bury is sure to come out, no matter how hard you try to keep it contained. Expect this most in a business matter and with co-workers.
LIBRA: You’ll be able to declare your love for someone special with unbridled enthusiasm and courage. In fact, you might be the first one to say it, much to your lover’s delight.
SCORPIO: You might walk around for most of the day feeling as if you’re in another world. Stars are likely to have you perceiving a lost of vibrations that aren’t from the physical plane. Don’t be afraid.
SAGITTARIUS: You might be tempted to gamble a little too much when it comes to shared resources. The ideas you have are pioneering, however, you need to remember that nothing is a sure bet.
CAPRICORN: You will be blessed with spectacular powers of attraction both physically and in how others appreciate your intellect. Expect to be noticed wherever you go since your magnetism is ultra high.
AQUARIUS: You might want to keep a close handle on your interaction with a spouse or close partner today. You have an intense need to control him or her by using your resources. Don’t confuse love with possession.
PISCES: You have a dreamy and captivating imagination today and will spend your day emotionally tied to these visions. You’ll connect more emotionally with friends The urge to wander and travel is strong.