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29th April 2019

ARIES: You’re likely to feel a shift in perspective about your long-term goals, responsibilities, career, or life path. There is a real need to simplify rather than expand or increase in your career and with your reputation, as development or expansion can bring about undue stress.
TAURUS: Plans or projects may stall, or you question your commitment to some of them, perhaps due to altered motivation levels or realistic assessments of the limits of time and energy. The months ahead are excellent for editing or building upon projects already in place, and less ideal for brand-new major or ambitious plans.
GEMINI: Projects or relationships may now be up for review as you turn a realistic or perhaps critical eye to them, reassessing how much time and energy you can afford to invest in these matters, or you may be particularly concerned with whether people in your life are supportive of you and your goals.
CANCER: Simplifying rather than taking on additional responsibilities makes the most sense now. This is a time for re-assessing your attachments to others related to commitments, rules, and limitations.
LEO: It’s a better period for review and reflection than innovation, and while you may encounter some waning motivation or delays in any of these areas, you are in an excellent position to simplify, edit, and build what you already have in place.
VIRGO: You may experience a feeling of heaviness this week as the station occurs until you grow accustomed to the shift. Motivation levels change as you more closely consider the limits of time and energy.
LIBRA: Reconnecting to the meaning of your commitments or responsibilities is a process, and you’ll get there soon enough. This is a time for examining your intentions and expectations.
SCORPIO: In the week or so ahead, you can feel the weight of your responsibilities more profoundly until you grow accustomed to this shift of perspective. This may translate as temporarily decreased motivation for certain learning, personal interests, communications, and socializing activities.
SAGITTARIUS: You might need to review and examine your attitudes, needs, and budgets. Right now, slow down and get things right before moving forward. Simplifying, editing, and organizing activities fare very well now, while brand new beginnings related to these areas of life should probably wait as they may cause undue stress
CAPRICORN: The sooner you tune into your sense of purpose and keep in mind that you are learning to rely on yourself and get your life into order, the less overwhelming things will be. This can be a time of reconsidering commitments or reviewing health and matters related to your personal manner or outlook and confidence levels.
AQUARIUS: This is a natural time for you to review your obligations and reconsider personal plans. Some level of withdrawal is possible now. For now, you’re learning more deeply about your spiritual goals, tying up loose ends, or finishing long-term projects that have outworn their purpose.
PISCES: This week, you may feel the weight of responsibilities quite heavily. However, as you adjust to this shift, you’ll see the benefits of structure in these areas of life. It’s important to recognize that you have enough time to resolve problems and that efforts to build and restructure are beneficial for you in the long run.