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29 July 2020

ARIES: You have a desire to protect your ideas. This is a time when you don’t want nasty endings to your associations commercially, so protect what’s yours and don’t be afraid to get others to sign on the dotted line to confirm these facts.

TAURUS: Are you leading a contradictory existence’ Be honest with yourself. Are you in a state of affairs or circumstances that occur completely against the grain of your thinking or desires’ You need to end this ambiguous situation once and for all.

GEMINI: Cryptic messages trigger combat in your work sphere. Try not to read too much into what others are saying. You might be creating more trouble than it’s worth. Long revisions are time-consuming but it’s also not a good idea to cut corners.

CANCER: Generally, this is an important time for you to reconnect with old friends. A karmic connection can be reignited with someone from your past and if there have been issues that haven’t been resolved, it’s now time to put aside dead, symbolic logic and connect with them on a heart level.

LEO: Much travelling is in store and promises to be enjoyable. You will be most satisfied by your current circumstances on the academic front. House hunting can fetch positive results, but with a lot of footwork.

VIRGO: You’ll be questioning others and this won’t go down too well if they believe you should simply stomach what they have to say without qualification. Either you or someone else may be obstructed in finding the truth. Don’t allow your ego to dominate the scenario, however.

LIBRA: You feel frazzled because someone is testing your tolerance. You don’t necessarily have to be a saint but your patience will be strained while trying to be nice in the face of someone’s insensitivity will most certainly be a challenge.

SCORPIO: Try to keep splendid memories alive even if some of them aren’t all that pleasurable. You can’t smell the rose without the occasional prick of the thorn. Take the good with the bad.

SAGITTARIUS: Chasing the opposite sex will cause you some strain so the advice of a friend might help you avoid becoming a compulsive wreck. Chill out and smile. Be careful that even a little constructive criticism may be considered disrespectful even blasphemous, by others.

CAPRICORN: Restless and free-spirited, you feel like you have to loosen up and break free of restrictive situations all. You seek freedom and spontaneity and have little patience with dry, tedious situations. Normally, you may be able to tolerate a traffic jam, but not now.

AQUARIUS: Finishing up last-minute details will only be completed successfully if you’re able to sufficiently slow your process down rather than speed it up. Today is a case of ‘haste makes waste’.

PISCES: Someone may stop being so cosy with you and this will bother you. It’s a mistake to try to speed up any process of reconciliation. You have better options available so bide your time for now.