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29 August 2020

ARIES: If someone keeps telling you that they love and respect you, make sure their words are backed up by action. Remember, love is a verb. Females will feature prominently in your life at present, particularly at work. They may be authoritative individuals who may cause you to lash out.

TAURUS: Don’t be too quick off the mark in making an assessment of someone. This is especially true if you feel emotionally or sexually attracted to them. You may put them on a pedestal only to find that they’re human, just like are.

GEMINI: Success without integrity produces negative karma for those without scruples. It will tend to follow them like a shadow. Ultimately it will bring them down. These are comforting words of someone is done wrong by you. You have to maintain faith that the universe will eventually bring justice.

CANCER: You have interesting ideas and fantasies. This is part of developing a healthy psychological make-up. Try to work out which ones are worthwhile. You will accumulate more friends during this cycle. Remember that quality is preferable to quantity.

LEO: You can get on with the business of enjoying your love life passionately rather than worrying about how you or your partner feels. Trust your own instincts when dealing with your social circle. You mightn’t quite know why you don’t like them at present but your intuition will be ‘on the money’.

VIRGO: Sometimes you simply need to get away from it all. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities, the best thing you can do at the moment is pull back. Get away and give yourself some breathing space. You might only need a day to yourself.

LIBRA: You must resolve issues with elder members of your family. All the more conservative work colleagues may also need to be dealt with as well. You’ll find yourself looking to the past for answers. You’re missing some pieces of the jigsaw. Don’t be quick to assert that the problem is someone else’s fault.

SCORPIO: There may be some uncertainty around your vision of the future. It’s difficult for you to clearly define exactly where you want to in future. This could concern you. If this is an issue it could be that you’ve lost a little faith in yourself.

SAGITTARIUS: What a day for pleasure, for indulgence, romance and of course, chocolate. Take the time to spoil yourself and let the little kid in you have some fun. It’s a time when enjoyment comes before responsibility so it’s quite likely you’ll be feeling a tad lazy.

CAPRICORN: There might be a positive response today some proposal you have. This will lift your confidence and spirits. You are able to share a great deal of information during this cycle. You also have a greater desire to educate yourself and expand your knowledge of some specific area.

AQUARIUS: A new style of communication is going to be necessary in your relationships. As a couple, you’ll find this a difficult adjustment at first. You’ll get used to it in time. Friends and family want privileges and concessions now. You’re prone to giving it to them without proper scrutiny.

PISCES: There’s no harm in adjusting your feelings to suit the situation. Sometimes you have to express yourself differently to different people to avoid confrontations. Everyone is unique and requires you to react appropriately in the situation.