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28th May 2018

ARIES: It is time to look at life seriously and come to a firm strategy. Eliminate whatever is hazy and go ahead with a clear vision. Your job might seem tiresome today. You should try to analyze your job and try to understand the psychological factors affecting your colleagues or partner
TAURUS: You may get new openings some profitable relations shall develop. Be open in taking risks and joining new enterprise. Trying out new ideas shall help you now. Matters of the heart will trouble you and you may be unable to focus on matters that are immediately more important.
GEMINI: Monetary issues may be better tackled on your own. This is a good time for outdoor activities and rejuvenating your health. In romance, you have the itch to try something you’ve never tried before!
CANCER: A spirit of harmony, of identifying with your environment envelops you and, by extension, those closest to you. Contentment brings its own rewards in terms of bonding and love, togetherness and caring.
LEO: Your friends have a lot to say, but most of it is gossip, adding to the stress. Try to settle in to a good routine and focus on the outcomes, rather than the ephemera. Don’t become distracted by trivia. Leave that till tomorrow..!
VIRGO: Express yourself if you’re struggling with overloaded thoughts.You have enough time to think about the future and may think of moving to a mainstream business
LIBRA: You may find some obstacles blocking your progress but keep you cool and soon life will be smooth and carefree.
SCORPIO: Your thoughts and communications turn to long distance travel, international business, or diplomatic endeavours now. keep calm and remember, there are always different perspectives of looking at a situation so that some positive aspect can also be considered.
SAGITTARIUS: You shall concern yourself intensely with deeper questions, undertake further study/training/orientation and gain much in terms of ultimate wisdom and maturity which shall be reflected in your work. Routine day as far as love life is concerned.
CAPRICORN: You will also see your horizon widen, as many possibilities will come to light. Concentration is the key word now.Romantic relations will flourish if you choose to commit or consolidate. You may go on a spending spree with your beloved and burn a hole in your pocket.
AQUARIUS: Family affairs may also be less than ideal as someone close to you may commit an indiscretion. This is a good time to indulge in what you enjoy most. Instead of being critical, you’ll show compassion for a new project on hold.
PISCES: There is a possibility of unnecessary excitement. You might feel impatient and want everything at once. You will be in the limelight and hold every body’s attention. Sudden gains through association with people ,rise in financial status is indicated.