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28th July 2019

ARIES: There is some sexual tension in your love life at the moment, but this is going to pave the way for smoother relations. Speak openly about your feelings and work on boundaries. You cannot give an opinion on something you have not read or experienced.
TAURUS: You have your way of doing things and this could be at odds with someone around you, possibly even your boss. Compromise is your keyword. Someone will irritate you, but you won’t have the courage or energy to speak up and say how you feel.
GEMINI: Today could be rather tense and escapism will be foremost in your mind. Bridle your passions until the day is done, then relax. You can afford to be zany and this will give you enough appeal to win over people’s hearts. In fact, a little wackiness will bring good fortune.
CANCER: If you’re confused about finances at the moment, go back over the original receipts and check for errors. You have to reassess your abilities and skills in the light of prevailing trends around you. Try to be unbiased and honest in your self-appraisal.
LEO: Delivering your progressive ideas and opinions in a reactive manner is bound to cause confrontations today. Diplomacy is advised. Some additional funds may help you pay off some bills and feel more secure. Put a little aside for a rainy day as well.
VIRGO: You could feel stabbed in the back right now, and loyalty will be uppermost in your mind. You need to sift out the genuine from the fake. You may not want to hear some spiritual truth at present, but it can transform your life if your ego is held in check.
LIBRA: Your relationships should be on the up. You’re in a powerful phase of emotional and sexual attractiveness. New relationships start and end quickly, however. Nevertheless, you have a positive sense about your love life now.
SCORPIO: If you’re feeling discontent put it down to the fact that you’re focusing on the wrong side of the relationship. This is because you feel isolated and a strange from the very people you profess to love. To bring the relationship back into focus you need to make some sort of sacrifice.
SAGITTARIUS: If you have any doubts in a friendship, you’ll need to delve deeply to get the truth. You could be flip-flopping about your feelings, going through emotional ups and downs. Others may be avoiding the important questions you want to ask, but you must persist if you want to understand the reality of your current situation.
CAPRICORN: Once you identify the lunatic in your midst, you’ll be immediately relieved. Once you have this worked out you have to extricate yourself from the madness once and for all. Don’t waste any time as you never get a second of your life back again.
AQUARIUS: You can take a journey that will bring you a great deal of satisfaction. It may not be a long journey but will nevertheless stimulate and expand your circle of influence as well. Things can happen quickly and unexpectedly with educational pursuits being of much interest to you under this cycle.
PISCES: Financial boundaries you’ve set for yourself need to be reappraised. While this means you can earn extra cash somehow, you may wear your heart on your sleeve and could be unnecessarily giving away this hard-earned cash.