Page Scope

28th July 2018

ARIES: You may be facing challenges in zone of sex, money and power, so a new beginning is needed. Confusion about a friend who is attracted to you, or an attraction you have for an associate, may also come into play.
TAURUS: There’s a powerful will and ambition in terms of a real estate deal or family inheritance matter, Taurus. You just want to work it all out at once. Take a deep breath!
GEMINI: This is a brilliant day for friends and great conversation, so be sure to schedule a lunch or dinner with pals. In addition to this, you will captivate others if you deliver a speech.
CANCER: Slow and steady wins the race a today. You’ve got everything it takes to grab that special someone and hold on forever.
LEO: The energy today is confusing and makes you a bit wishy washy. You’ll be unsure about a family or career move.
VIRGO: You’re tied up with needing to create more physical security in your life but the intellectual wit is there to help you drum up solutions.
LIBRA: Recheck your financial plans and see if improvements can be made on that front. Working with them on the family’s future can strengthen the bonds of love – and will prove enjoyable too.
SCORPIO: A good sleep in the morning is always satisfying. An excellent news is due later in the day from abroad, or perhaps regarding spiritual and cultural developments, so your higher mental faculties will spark up.
SAGITTARIUS: Stars are making this a potentially stressful and even confusing day. Someone you care about could be struggling with depression, so try to be patient. Your calm and steady presence will be soothing.
CAPRICORN: It’s time to get back to business, so make sure you are organized and on time. Don’t overlook the little details on the job .You may want to get out of the office as soon as possible, but you need to tie up all loose ends first.
AQUARIUS: Today stars are urging you to go deeper in intimate relationships. It’s time to listen to what others, especially partners, have to say, so pay attention to both what is said and what is not said.
PISCES: Today marks the first day of the rest of your life, and you step out on the long road to personal fulfilment through cultural, religious and educational development. Your previous ideas in these areas are apt to be significantly altered, or completely transformed.