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28th January 2018

ARIES: You will concentrate your energy on family and shall be happy with it. Your spending may be more and you may repent it by the end of the day. You may have few local outings which shall be quite happy and shall give you additional inner energy and zeal for life.
TAURUS: The day has a positive emphasis on your career and a coveted goal is likely to be within your reach. This is the right time to meet with superiors and present those innovative ideas. Your attention moves on to matters concerning your financial security. True love feels it might be developing, as your sweetheart begins to share secrets with you.
GEMINI: Your stars are favouring you and you have lucky and fruitful day ahead of you. You shall derive rewards for your efforts. You shall receive love and respect from the people you care about. Social gathering shall be a source of enjoyment. You shall have the support of the people around you.
CANCER: Social activity and relationship with not just family and loved ones but a wider circle of friends shall flourish because you display far more flexibility, open-mindedness. Always fair-minded you are willing to listen. Take extra precautions about what you eat as you may get an infection, Citreous fruits and fresh air shall help you stay healthy.
LEO: Practise a little thrift and economy even though your income has increased recently. Social life will flourish and fine contacts will be made. You get the companionship and support of your spouse. Strong family ties and bonds will be forged. Friendships are cemented and renewed.
VIRGO: Career will be good and there may be changes in perspective in your profession. There is no doubt that some of you will opt for a change as well. Today will also be a true test of your real friends and enemies. You might be surprised at how many loyal people you find. This is also the time to give attention to legal matters.
LIBRA: You shall give quality time loving care and attention to the home and family. You are generous, caring, loving and lots of fun to be with. You seek to share your material success with your loved ones. There is lots of socializing and partying and Travelling shall give you pleasure and provide much-needed relaxation.
SCORPIO: Today you will not be chased by unfulfilled professional duties. You will have ample time to pay attention to your personal matters. You will have to keep a track of your schedule so that you do not lose track of your responsibilities.
SAGITTARIUS: Your career will prosper while you will remain in a helping mode and gain the confidence of others. There is also a danger of embarking on a number of projects and leaving them mid-way. Health of elderly family members may be of great concern.
CAPRICORN: Creativity, socializing and partying, marvellous interactions with children and the pursuit of hobbies all spell a fine day for you. Peace and harmony and domestic accord prevail in all your relationships. You will be in a giving and generous mood, not only in monetary terms but in all the other ways that make life so beautiful and joyous.
AQUARIUS: If unmarried you shall develop a really intimate relationship with someone whom you would have met recently. You shall develop a strong emotional bond which you will not understand why you have. If married your closeness and understanding shall improve.
PISCES: There will be ample career opportunities try to get maximum benefit from them. You will be happy and there will be a lively atmosphere around you. You will enjoy the company of people who will also provide a boost for your ego. There will be a happy glow where children are concerned.