Sunday, September 19, 2021
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28th February 2020

ARIES: Sometimes you have to be cruel and even ruthless to be kind. If you allow your emotional sentimentality to get in the road of a decision right now, you may be creating endless problems for yourself. If others have been taking advantage of you, put a stop to it now.
TAURUS: Unless you have a specific mission in mind, is not going to be too much to explore or look forward to. This is the reason you must ‘begin with the end’. Clearly define what your path is and what the end destination of your journey is.
GEMINI: Your ruling planet Mercury is now retrograde. Work matters slide sideways or even backwards if you aren’t careful. The discussion, meeting, or proposal you had in mind, may well have to be revamped. Wait until you have a better grip on things.
CANCER: Remaining steady and being strong are the key factors in achieving success now. If you cut corners, you risk things ending abruptly, or being undermined at their very foundation. There’s a problem of association as well.
LEO: Sometimes you have to surrender your time and resources to help someone else. There is no harm in being charitable in the way you live your life. The issue is when others lean on you to the extent that it starts to impact your well-being and performance.
VIRGO: The enemy of your enemy is your friend, or so the saying goes. You may find yourself in the most unusual of alliances during this current cycle. Today is about keeping certain people at arm’s-length and bringing others closer.
LIBRA: You are doing some deep soul-searching at the moment. If you are reactive to what you discover within yourself, those realisations won’t have any practical value at all. You will continue to make the same errors in life.
SCORPIO: All of a sudden, your thinking is becoming expensive. You can easily see a new Vista of prospects that had previously eluded you. It seems like your luck is kicking in once again after a period of feeling as if you’ve been in the wilderness.
SAGITTARIUS: This month is dominated by domestic affairs. There is a financial component to this as well. You have been looking at ways to enhance the value of your home, or at least improve it. You want it to be more comfortable and liveable.
CAPRICORN: Mercury is retrograde in your third house of travels now. You may postpone an outing, a journey, or perhaps even some negotiation that was in the pipe works. Sometimes, pressing forward despite the obstacles may be unavoidable. In this case, you should have plan B and C in place.
AQUARIUS: Greater interest in refined arts, culture and creative activities occurs under these transits. The connections you make also reflect this in the next few days. You will revive a creative interest which was subdued, due to the demands of practical requirements.
PISCES: The Sun rules your sixth house of health and day-to-day work matters. At this time, you must take issues of health more seriously. This is especially so if you’ve been overworking and ignoring your body signals. Inflammation, infection, and other hurts and injuries occur during this planetary stimulus.