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28th December 2019

ARIES: You need some good old-fashioned friendship today. Hang out with a close associate or trusted colleague will take the edge off your stress. Matters of the home and heart are amalgamated now. You realise that unless you have everything sorted out on the home front you’re not going to be peaceful within yourself.
TAURUS: If you’re in an educational program, you might receive some distinction for your work and study. This isn’t the right time to make changes if you’ve been thinking of that. Be a little more patient. This will be an enjoyable cycle, not necessarily because you are less busy, or doing more social things but because you’ll be relaxed.
GEMINI: At this time, you feel tied down by work issues. You need to plan more effectively for that special holiday you’ve been dreaming of. If your heart is not on the task at hand it will make your job a little more tedious. You’d prefer more time out and if that’s the case, don’t play the martyr.
CANCER: If you’re single, don’t wait for love to fall into your lap. Love’s a verb, which means you need to DO something about it. Get out and actively attract it! Share secrets with someone now and let off steam. Having an understanding ear will be important.
LEO: It’s time for a withdrawal but only from those people who don’t seem to be adding value to your life. Get off the treadmill. You deserve it. Going head-to-head with life’s problems is sometimes not exactly the best way to solve those problems.
VIRGO: Reconsider issues of security and personal contentment. Your view of these things is expanding now. What are you able to do with this productive and positive vibe? Try to effectively eliminate outdated attitudes surrounding your well-being.
LIBRA: You feel fearless at present. We’re not talking about the rough and tumble of war or contact sports either. This is a case of taking more control of your life and living your dreams. You now have the courage of your convictions to do what you want even if others are being negative.
SCORPIO: You desire freedom but following your own path isn’t all that easy right now. This is particularly the case if others have enlisted your help and it’s eroding more of your time than you’d first expected. Try to follow the dictates of your own mind.
SAGITTARIUS: Diversity and broadmindedness are your keywords now. This is necessary to keep abreast of the demands of work and social life. You need to discuss many topics just. You’ll feel like going on an impromptu outing but could end up dissatisfied with the people you’re with.
CAPRICORN: If you’re thinking of entering a business partnership or alliance, remember that it’s a marriage of sorts. Even if it’s technically ‘business’, you’ll be joined at the hip. For some, this can be bliss, yet for others, it can turn out to be a life sentence. You must step out of your habitual way of seeing things.
AQUARIUS: Your need for privacy, containment and less involvement with others seem to be pronounced today. Those who are rowdy and disturb your peace will quickly be shown the door. This may continue for a few days as you try to collect your energy and gear yourself up for bigger and better things.
PISCES: Your idealism is high now. But you also need to remain practical. Fortunately, your down-to-earth mood means that you can take even your wildest ideas and bring them down to the worldly realm. You are extremely excited about these concepts or activities.