28th ASU conference concludes


Piphema, March 24: The three-day 28th biennial general conference of Angami Students’ Union (ASU) held under the theme “Aspiring Dynamics” concluded this evening with the declaration of new team of office bearers for the tenure 2019-2021.
Vizokho Zhashümo from Southern ASU (SASU) will lead the new team as president and Petekhrietuo Kiewhuo from Northern ASU (NASU) as general secretary. Other officials include Neitsituo Norbert Mere (NASU) – vice president, Mhalevituo Medoze from Chakhro Students Union (CSU) – assistant general secretary, Kesavituo Chalieu (CSU) – secretary finance, Kevisetuo Sechü from Western ASU (WASU) – secretary sports, Viranu Ltsu (SASU) – secretary education, Thejalhoukho Khawakhrie (WASU) – secretary publicity and information, Kevilelhou Zumi (NASU) – secretary art & culture, Kelhoukholie Khate (NASU) – secretary art environment, health and sanitation, Kholievizo Chadi (NASU) – treasurer, Vizovo Yongo (SASU) – auditor general, Ketoulietuo Kuotsu (WASU) – speaker, Avizo Lcho – deputy speaker and – Kekhriesilie Nago (WASU) – assembly secretary. Posts of women coordinators (two), secretary literature and secretary library & archives are vacant.
Head of English Department, Nagaland University, Dr Rosemary Dzüvichü as the speaker for the valedictory session spoke on the topic “Values & virtues – Challenges and perspective”.
She said that values are the goals one sets while virtues are the characteristics of a person which brings moral excellence.
She without education one will be nowhere while the narrow mindsets must also change for a progressive society.
She called upon ASU to rise above difference and to develop the ability to be tolerant with differences of opinions while also encouraging them to adopt democratic practices of having women as their president and vice present and also village council chairman and VDB secretary.
Further maintaining that honesty is the biggest challenge for Nagas in general and Angamis in particular, she said “we are hesitant in most instances to speak the truth for fear of hurting others, tribe sentiments, village, clan etc”. These are challenges we need to overcome, she said.
Earlier, the concluding day was marked devotional service with Mission Director of Northeast India CRC, Rev. Dr. Neivotso Paphino as main speaker on the theme “Living God, He Lives”.
(Page News Service)