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28 September 2020

ARIES: You seem to stand out for what you do today, or probably more likely, what you’ve done in the past. Still, there can be a conflict between your indulgent and responsible sides, with neither coming out a clear winner.

TAURUS: This is a time for feeling inspired by a deeper connection to a person or project, private matter, or family connection. Even so, you can be more sensitive to how you’re received. Passions are strong, but love or fulfillment is complicated, especially because you require some self-nurturing.

GEMINI: You can be feeling especially motivated when it comes to pet projects, ideas, and friendships, even with some reservation or hesitance. This is a good time to examine attitudes that are keeping you from truly enjoying your life.

CANCER: Today’s energies bring opportunities with relationships and practical affairs, and especially when these combine in some manner! A new or more creative method of getting things done can figure strongly. You are motivated to make your daily life better.

LEO: There is stop and go energy with you today, but you’re likely to feel inspired and ready to make a positive change. Your magnetism runs high, but can also be a little problematic, especially if someone around you feels insecure about any extra attention you’re receiving.

VIRGO: Interactions can be inspiring and revealing today, and you could be feeling quite passionate about a person or an idea. Even so, there is also some uneasiness to the energy of the day, and defensiveness can seem to make things worse. People may be wrapped up in their problems and are not readily intuiting your needs.

LIBRA: Relationships and affections are exciting although complicated today. There could be both uplifting and discouraging news, for example. Try not to take to heart the ups and downs experienced today. Feeling torn between the desire for togetherness and affection and the need for some emotional space is temporary.

SCORPIO: Complicated energies are with you today, but it’s an inspiring day overall. There are warm, generous, and exciting themes to the day, and your magnetism runs very high. You can make good strides in work-related matters, although your mood is also quite sociable.

SAGITTARIUS: Today holds some beautiful potential for creative interactions, although some emotional blocks may need attention. A positive, spirited approach to specific areas of your life, and especially relationships or creative endeavors, can benefit you considerably now. You are magnetic, but also making happy things happen.

CAPRICORN: If you’ve been unhappy in your personal life, you can be particularly motivated to correct the issue! Ups and downs are likely, and aiming to stay centered makes sense. Consider that you might end up being at peace with others but at war with yourself if you choose to make compromises that don’t feel entirely right.

AQUARIUS: Collaborating with others, sharing ideas, or partnering up can be very energizing today. You can have stimulating exchanges, but while there can be a very nice flow happening, some difficult energy is with us. You can be more sensitive to slights, making it best to find a balance between the high energy and enthusiasm of much of the day, and feelings of being blocked.

PISCES: You can be enthusiastic or creatively inspired today, enjoying some increased motivation to get things done or brilliant ideas for business, work, or health routines. While you may need to deal with some disapproval or problems with overload and time restrictions, you shouldn’t allow it to push you back.