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28 July 2020

ARIES: Some of you may make plans for travel. A property you have been eyeing for long is likely to come within your grasp. Go into the details of whatever you do on the academic front to keep mistakes out.

TAURUS: Positivity on the home front can be expected as you rid yourself of negative feelings. Those thinking of a journey by road are in for a good time. Academic pursuits may prove enjoyable for some.

GEMINI: Those appearing for a competition will get a chance to better their performance on the academic front. Don’t give lift to anyone in your vehicle today. Money expected from someone will be received.

CANCER: You will succeed in persuading a family elder to undertake a pilgrimage. Wanderlust can compel some to pack their bags and go on a vacation! Clarity of mind will be of utmost importance on the academic front, as it can affect your performance.

LEO: Much travelling is in store and promises to be enjoyable. You will be most satisfied by your current circumstances on the academic front. House hunting can fetch positive results, but with a lot of footwork.

VIRGO: You will be able to preempt difficulties and make a long journey comfortable. Chance of setting up a new house may soon come. You may get smitten by someone working or studying with you.

LIBRA: You can find a grouchy family elder in a lighter mood today. A journey is foreseen and will offer you a totally new experience. Investing in property market cannot be ruled out for some.

SCORPIO: Spending a vacation with friends and family will prove to be a lot of fun. Getting pulled up on the academic front will be justified in your case, so don’t whine. Keep financial implications in mind before going ahead with a venture.

SAGITTARIUS: You may take the responsibility of accompanying someone on an out of town journey. Gathering resources required on the academic front will not pose much problem.

CAPRICORN: Those travelling will need to choose their mode of conveyance carefully. Your focus can now be on buying or selling property. Planning for the future assumes importance for students on the academic front at this juncture.

AQUARIUS: A family youngster may shift base for academic reasons. Taking possession of a new apartment is indicated. Don’t expect any reciprocation in helping out someone on the academic front. Some of you will be able to pay whatever is asked for in order to stay in a decent locality.

PISCES: You will need to double your efforts on the academic front to achieve anything worthwhile. Worries bothering you for the last few days will disappear and will be replaced by happy thoughts.