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28 August 2020

ARIES: Passion is emerging in your relationships. Is this something you want or has it risen spontaneously’ If it’s with someone you thought was only a friend there could be complications on the horizon’ On the other hand, there are different types of passion.

TAURUS: You feel closed in domestically but won’t be able to escape the burden of your family responsibilities. The focus is on sorting these out. You must find ways of travelling mentally if you can’t do it physically. Expressing yourself through creative activities is a great way to occupy your mind.

GEMINI: You may be burning money as you try to drastically alter and improve some of your current living circumstances. This could include spending on ridiculous fads. They may seem like fun in the heat of the moment but come with a heavy price tag.

CANCER: You must motivate yourself at this time. It will be easy to fall into the trap of sitting back, relaxing and taking things easy. The moment you commit to a course of action, you’ll find your energy levels increasing proportionately to the amount of enthusiasm you inject into the task.

LEO: A new friend or acquaintance is simply a passing phase, a little filler for the moment while you try to bridge the past with what’s coming. You mustn’t be frivolous about engaging others. They may take your friendship a lot more serious than you take there’s.

VIRGO: You can get your tasks back on track now. Others have been obstructive and trying to enforce their agenda on you. Your work practices now offer you the perfect opportunity to run independently. You’ll get a whole lot more done. You have a clear image of where you want to be.

LIBRA: You could feel as if you’re treading water and getting nowhere quickly. You have to be more efficient and practical in your planning. Get something solid place even if others are in opposition. You feel as if something big is about to happen shortly.

SCORPIO: You’ve had quirky problems to deal with. This means effectively picking up the pieces and making a dash for the finishing line now. You have big plans during this timeframe. Don’t expect your nearest and dearest to understand exactly where you’re coming from.

SAGITTARIUS: You seem to be out of step with the one you love most. If you’re in a relationship you understand that you have to constantly monitor through sensitivity, what your partner’s needs are. If you’ve been preoccupied with your own problems it’s very easy to overlook some of the things.

CAPRICORN: A friendship you thought had stalled starts to pick up. It could, in fact, become strengthened during this current cycle. You may be surprised that your social activities have moved into forward-motion. You’ve been given the green light to reconnect with others.

AQUARIUS: You have big plans for a work project or possibly even an independent business. You must keep your eye on the big picture rather than getting bogged down in the detail. If you have limited resources it’s quite natural to disperse yourself.

PISCES: You feel run-down as you make efforts in several areas of your life. You’ve run headlong into opposition. This is making your job even more difficult. You must learn to roll with the punches rather than reacting too strongly.