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27th May 2019

ARIES: It’s a good day for taking things in stride. You’ll prefer to stick in the background so that you can get some peace, but you’re also inclined to want to work and produce.
TAURUS: You enjoy more faith and confidence in yourself and your relationships, which, by extension, boosts your appeal. Don’t pass up on opportunities to connect with others, socialize with associates and friends, and communicate or learn.
GEMINI: Your ambitions are stimulated. You could feel more comfortable than usual with your role, career, aspirations, or obligations. You can be in the position to take charge, lead, manage, or direct with success.
CANCER: You might also be a little more outgoing, optimistic, and forward-looking than usual, motivated to be your best as others seem to be putting their faith in you. The day is healthy for a spirit of adventure and connection, as well as for giving your mind a break from over-analyzing.
LEO: You also have much to discover by looking below the surface of things. However, it’s important not to rush a financial or intimate matter, as you’re inclined to do right now. Instead, today is strong for slowing down and pacing yourself, and you’ll find that things fall into place if you do so.
VIRGO: You can quite readily get onto a particular train of thought or embrace a new idea and go with it, but your intuition is also powerful and serving you well right now. Good ideas come from conversations, and so do good feelings!
LIBRA: It’s most natural for you to gravitate toward solving problems and organizing your environment. Special attention to areas that have been neglected can give you a strong sense of accomplishment today, and this can involve either physical or psychological problem areas–or both.
SCORPIO: This can be a beautiful time to amuse yourself or to pour your energies into a creative project, hobby, or pastime, although there can be a focus on organizing and structuring these activities.
SAGITTARIUS: You’re likely to prefer to stick to the familiar just for now, and it may very well do you some good. Your needs for security and comfort are more pronounced than usual today.
CAPRICORN: You could also find that people are especially drawn to you for advice and perhaps a little nurturing or inspiration as well. You feel more comfortable with rules and responsibilities, and it’s a good time to think up good business strategies, particularly along promotional lines.
AQUARIUS: You’re in good shape for discovering ways to make yourself feel more secure and safe. Taking care of dependents can also be in focus and enjoyable. Emotional intelligence is with you today, and your patience and foresight can benefit you in most areas of life.
PISCES: You can be especially productive and positive today with a sense of a higher mission, and motivation is easy to find. The general pace of the day suits yours, encouraging self-expression.