27th March 2018


ARIES: You will chase after that which is unknown, esoteric and mysterious and try to know it.Today you shall be in a position to both command and demand your due recognition, rewards, respect glorious R’s, all of them!
TAURUS: Today you shall be making investments that will yield profit and gain in the future.A good, productive and rewarding phase. You can give work, in fact, life itself, your best shot.
GEMINI: It is time to pay more attention to reality. Do not take any hasty decisions today. Best thing to do is to wait for a while.If you’re single and play the field, solitude will be the result so paddle your own canoe.
CANCER: You shall feel as if you have been made for each other and a perfect team spirit shall prevail. The future shall look really rosy.A very good relationship shall develop between the two of you Domestic happiness is indicated for you.
LEO: There is no room for doubts and despair. You are aware of both your rights and your duties and want both in equal measure.A phase when the depths of tenderness and caring within you bubble up to the surface.
VIRGO: You may have been formulating a plan of attack for quite a while now. However, unfortunately, you may need to alter these and think of a new approach. The reason for this is know to the stars themselves. Do not get disheartened.
LIBRA: You may behave in a mysterious fashion-throwing people out of gear. Cool down – you have yet to learn to play the game of diplomacy. This is a superficial condition; the core is intact.
SCORPIO: You could act on first instincts regarding an issue that can bring change to your life. Getting back at the competition may only be half the battle.During the present period your valour shall keep all the competition at bay.
SAGITTARIUS: You may seek support and confidence from close partners, associates and even family members. You shall get the full support from all quarters.If you throw in your lot with someone you trust, there’s no end to what you can do.
CAPRICORN: You may need to deal with your loved ones and people who are important to you in an affectionate manner. There are bound to be killjoys who will resent your blithe spirit; don’t waste your happiness on those who are having a foul mood.
AQUARIUS: You may be inclined to be overly sensitive about a trivial matter, so keep plans and activities to a minimum. Your assessment of your love life is spot on.
PISCES: There may be a sudden craving for security today. This is in contrast to your normally stoic and stable mountain goat projected exterior. Make the effort to balance your life carefully today.