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27th July 2019

ARIES: Your creative output is increasing. This enables you to handle people and situations that are associated with your financial affairs. You can find great satisfaction in some hobby or even sporting outlet for this need.
TAURUS: You find yourself in a position in which there is a greater interest in domestic affairs now. You’re emotional about family affairs and may reach out to those family members that you’ve been disconnected from for a while.
GEMINI: Changing conditions surround your financial status during these current transits. But ultimately this is an excellent omen. You are becoming more ambitious to achieve success in life and may not mind the hard work that is associated with this placement but, you must cross all your T’s and dot your I’s to get the best deal.
CANCER: There appears to be a lot of tension, emotional upheaval, and turbulent events surrounding your home life. This may account for your desire to be a loner, remain aloof, and keep your private life to yourself. Changes are likely to occur regarding property and finances and you need to be on top of this.
LEO: You’re starting an excellent cycle at this time. This trend seldom passes without some kind of change or altering of conditions within the immediate environment OR one’s own personality and way of doing things so this is significant. Someone is likely to leave or enter your sphere of activity.
VIRGO: Your thinking is cloudy, which means your judgment may not be all that it should be. Defer any decisions until later. Giving some tender loving care and compassionate attention to someone in need is high on your agenda just now.
LIBRA: Altering your personal philosophy in life may result in separation from loved ones, friends and even work associates. You may be finding it hard to let go after being connected for so long. As you know, relationships can become habitual and this is the part of the equation you need to deal with.
SCORPIO: You must surrender some of your own needs for the good of the group at the moment. You’ll feel crazy wading through a sea of demands but eliminating the unnecessary will be a great help. Your relationships help you forge new contacts thus increasing your wealth and professional acumen.
SAGITTARIUS: Emotional stability and good judgment can open the door to new opportunities for advancement at the moment. Seek positive changes in all directions of your life, whether vocational, domestic, or personal. You have great rapport with others at this time.
CAPRICORN: Moving, selling, redecorating, or enlarging of your present home is likely but this may come the cost which could require some borrowing. Conditions prevail in which someone may move in or out, perhaps a roommate, parent, or child and this may in some way offset the financial pressures you’ve been feeling lately.
AQUARIUS: Relationships take centre stage today. You have a lot of drive and energy today and this will be well directed towards your loved ones. Patching up any lingering misunderstandings is a great idea. Communication is strong and positive.
PISCES: You are thinking about ways to improve your physical well-being. Arriving at a decision regarding personal plans proves more beneficial than accepting the counsel of others. Trust your body intuition as it is able to tell you things that perhaps even medical practitioners can’t.