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27th January 2019

ARIES: Do whatever it is that renews your spirit and helps you to express your creativity. By all means, don’t sit inside in front of a television screen or computer monitor. Do whatever you did for fun before you became an adult!
TAURUS: Do something for yourself today. Indulge your mood. You might like to make a small purchase or just spend a bit of mad money. It may be something personal or you might like to splash out on a favourite food or treat.
GEMINI: If you’re pursuing an important project, get your thinking done and get clear about priorities. There may be pressures or decisions in daily life that will test you. Place them in order of importance then deal with them one by one.
CANCER: Keep it slow and simple, Work at your own pace. Keep a little for yourself. Focus on inner life and don’t be drawn by what the outer world seems to demand.
LEO: It’s a day to enjoy yourself with your favourite domestic pleasures. Run yourself a nice hot bath. Cook your favourite treats and indulge in them. Family or loved ones may feature.
VIRGO: You might start off a little under par but you’ll soon be bubbling over. You may have to deal with a mother figure or be one yourself. If it’s a question of authority, keep a firm hold on the household reins.
LIBRA: You may embark on new projects or recreational activities and family members or creativity will be the important ingredient. Get the feeling right. Romance may introduce itself into your life. If it’s already there, it may lift you up or intensify.
SCORPIO: The early part of the day may run more on feelings. You may be moody or focused or more personal or emotional matters. Family or children may feature. You may be doing things for the home or for yourself. Later on the day will take a more practical turn.
SAGITTARIUS: Communications start to return to normal from today, which is a relief if you were getting fed up with the way conversations were being scrambled and skeletons were falling out of closets.
CAPRICORN: Try to devote as much time as possible now to putting the finishing touches to your party preparations, and checking that you’ve bought all the presents on your list. It’s a good idea to have some emergency gifts standing by, in case you need them.
AQUARIUS: Be careful not to mix friends and money. Keep clear boundaries and you’ll be happier for it It’s a great day for a sauna or a massage if you’re that way inclined. You might be looking for something special with your wardrobe. Indulge your mood.
PISCES: Stick to what has to be done today, even if others may seem to make an effort to get you off track. It may also be that you don’t feel like staying with the agenda.