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27th February 2020

ARIES: You need to be patient with someone who is much slower and less knowledgeable. This could be a new person in your work who doesn’t get it. Patience is a virtue. It’s time to speak about what you and stop eating humble pie. You’ll be demanding your fair share of the glory for your part in any success.
TAURUS: There could be a romantic situation that was brewing but either you or the other person may have had a change of heart. Better sooner than later if that is in fact the case. That person may be very different to what you had anticipated and your ideals will be seen to be rather divergent.
GEMINI: Being unseen is often the best way to achieve your goals. Hide for a while and watch how you actually get much more done. Unexpected pleasures, new friends, or a more playful, adventurous attitude in your relationships will make for stimulating and delightful entertainment.
CANCER: Although you feel generally happy at the moment, you’re likely to give more away then you need to. Why are you feeling such a lack of self-esteem that you need to purchase other people’s attention? On another point, someone may have crossed the line with you.
LEO: You need to go undercover and act anonymously to get something sorted out especially if it’s in the best interests of the group. You also have the opportunity to focus a great deal on your professional life and to achieve a greater measure of success.
VIRGO: Unexpected events may throw you off track. Make sure you have an alternative plan if things get out of hand. Being too preoccupied with money may cause others to withdraw because they feel you are more concerned about what you are getting rather than what you are contributing.
LIBRA: It may not be easy to concentrate on life’s ordinary details at this time because the power of your imagination is so strong. Your mind may want to wander and forget about the here-and-now details of practical existence.
SCORPIO: There’s confusion about your workplace. You need to be creative and imaginative in the way you deal with obstructive individuals. You may meet up with someone who tries to exert their power over you. Be true to yourself and always follow your own instincts.
SAGITTARIUS: If you’re hurt and confused by some relationship, it’s important to remind yourself that time heals all wounds. Trust in this healing process which can be accelerated by Jupiter now. Your psychic ability can be very high now. Of course, you could be completely wrong, but this is not a time when you want to think things through in the traditional ways.
CAPRICORN: If you’re in a new relationship, a twist of fate may change things in ways you hadn’t expected. Be prepared for major changes that will radically alter your attitude. Unwanted attention is a problem for you just now.
AQUARIUS: Dealing with two-faced people isn’t always easy, but that may be the case at present. You need to mirror this effect and play the same game. Fluctuating conditions make it difficult to feel secure. Your sense of what is worthy or true is shifting and you’ll have to make adjustments to accommodate others.
PISCES: It is a time when you can understand and value discipline. You can learn that patience and good training can pay off in the end. There are some caveats however. This is a busy time, there’s a lot of coming and going and plenty of details to deal with.