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27th August 2019

ARIES: You tend to feel eccentric and apart from the mainstream at this time and may very well react with hostility and anger to the frustrations you encounter. Hostility won’t help, because polarizing yourself against others only creates a bigger rift and complicates relationships.
TAURUS: You may have a hard time understanding or approaching someone who doesn’t share your thoughts and values. You could be trying too hard to appease others now, but it may be a waste of time trying to fix a situation which must be left to work itself out.
GEMINI: If your creative or mental instincts are overworked due to demanding pressure from your job, then you have to modify your energy to adapt to these new conditions. You mustn’t abandon or lose insight of your cherished plans and goals as you may only need to direct them into other appropriate outlets.
CANCER: Individuals whom you depend upon for support and acceptance may have too much say in your life today. It’s important not to let your identity and individuality suffer when another person attempts to push their will upon you.
LEO: You may feel that you have nearly exhausted your patience in dealing with some financial problem. Fortunately, now that you have a better handle on things your energy can be renewed and new achievements are waiting for you.
VIRGO: You are impulsively affectionate and flirtatious today and feel quite restless being in a stable, predictable relationship that offers little excitement. You may be highly attracted to someone new, simply because of the novelty and possibility of adventure.
LIBRA: Family pleasure trips or even doing chores with loved ones can also characterize this current time frame. These events may be unexpected but rewarding in their own way. You may even be called on to lend aid or support in your neighbourhood or local community affairs.
SCORPIO: You need to remain neutral to underline your loyalty to someone. This may be a continuation of what happened some time previously. A little eccentricity goes a long way, however, keep flamboyance well away from your finances.
SAGITTARIUS: The activities you share with your spouse or loved one may centre on intellectual interests and pursuits today. You’ll be sharing a lot about your professional activities as well. If you’re currently unattached, be on the lookout for meeting new romantic prospects through relatives, siblings, neighbours, or business associates.
CAPRICORN: A romantic or platonic relationship may undergo difficulties now. A mate, friend, or loved one may be indifferent to your attempts to keep relations peaceful, harmonious, and free of discord. Conflicts of interest and desires are more evident and noticeable in your close relationships.
AQUARIUS: Pleasant interactions with your romantic or marriage partner help strengthen bonds of affection today. You may be doing a lot of thinking about your relationship and may even feel inclined to discuss issues of commitment, loyalty, and trustworthiness with your mate.
PISCES: Your employer or supervisor may be domineering and a project you planned may get stopped by some sort of stupid internal regulation. Your proposals to higher-ups may be rejected because your ideas are considered eccentric, impractical, or possibly not well researched enough.