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27th August 2018

ARIES: Today rocks your stability and you are really undecided on which path to follow. An unexpected romantic possibility can easily blossom into a true soul mate connection, yet for others, new information revealed brings a startling new perspective on love.
TAURUS: Stars are shining favorably on you today. You shall be able to achieve your ambition through hard work. Today, you can successfully overthrow staunch opposition with one brilliant change in your stance. Stay flexible and be open to new ideas or experiences.
GEMINI: Your strength of character will come to the forefront. You will fight for your cause and will not budge unless you are satisfied. You will be fairly decisive which will make life much easier for you. New and profitable ventures are also indicated.
CANCER: You have the time and inclination to deal with people at a distance. Your efforts in the past will be rewarded and when you look towards the future you see a rosy picture. You shall be in an extravagant mood and shall indulge yourself.
LEO: Enemies will be around you and within your knowledge. You will be victorious – they will be subdued or vanquished. Today your status in life shall rise much above the position you might have thought about.
VIRGO: This is the right time to make a major decision regarding career prospects. You may have a last-minute opportunity to address people, which can put you in the spotlight. Your beloved could give you news that you least expect.
LIBRA: A chance remark from an associate may aggravate a sensitive matter. You may only give out what is necessary and let someone else take care of the rest. In romance, you might feel like shaking things up as the evening progresses.
SCORPIO: Do not let your impetus get the better of you. You may want to do something quickly, but everything has its own time schedule. If you push too hard you may hurt those who matter.
SAGITTARIUS: Today will be a mixed day for you during this time the workplace is going to change for sure and you will be an important instrument in this change. Act with care and prudence as enemies at workplace emerge out of nowhere.
CAPRICORN: At work, keep your personal prejudices to yourself. You may not be so keen on doing something that you feel is really someone else’s duty. Make time for others, as you should be more friendly.
AQUARIUS: You will be the subject of discussion and you will be rewarded. They go at their pace, you go at yours. Everyone marches to their own drummer, and all that. No need to get upset about it. You’ll all end up at your destination in the end.
PISCES: Your position at place of work will become better and might be a cause of the envy of your colleagues. Be careful of a person who will try to malign you. Spend time with your children if you can, as they will help uplift and cheer you.