27th April 2019


ARIES: You could get into financial trouble today, but your associates will come forward to the rescue. As the door of opportunity begins to open, you may be tempted to do too much and then find yourself working at a tangent to those around you.
TAURUS: Your activities should run smoothly but you are likely to hit a few snags along the way. An intriguing problem has you going around in circles, as the answer eludes you. You need not worry, as solutions to the current shortage of money should begin to come up.
GEMINI: Take steps to review your goals,and don’t take people for granted. Expect a call from a distant place that should bring a solution. A wise approach in financial matters is needed here, though an expensive purchase is the issue at home. Unkept promises can generate heat in personal matters. You’ll be in the mood to enjoy mutual interests with your beloved.
CANCER: You may be left smarting inside because of someone’s insensitive remark, but news about a travel opportunity should please you very much. An influential contact opens the doors for your career now. Financially, you’ll exercise plenty of initiative.
LEO: Misunderstandings may creep in at some point, so double check the details before starting out on a new project. It may be wise to retract your steps to a more secure position. You will find a more constructive outlet for your frustrations. Changes at home are likely but they can exceed your budget. Stolen moments in love only fuel the fire within.
VIRGO: A prolonged financial proposal makes you quite uncomfortable. You may feel overenthusiastic but don’t take on more than you can handle. Avoid taking unnecessary risks in your desire to win a favour from someone influential. The desire to rekindle new magic in your love life is likely surface.
LIBRA: Don’t go out on a limb, but if you extend a helping hand to someone in trouble, this brings you a deeper satisfaction. Your doubts about future insecurities may be unfounded. A recent gesture of kindness is rewarded now. You’ll have to adjust with other chores to spend some time with your love.
SCORPIO: Be prepared for news that might generate some anxiety. There is little point getting too worked up about something that is coming up. Try not to be too critical, as it will not change the situation. Quality time spent in the company of your love provides a sense of security and pumps up your energy.
SAGITTARIUS: Today you’ll have a chance to settle differences with a co- worker. Your partner may be in a tizz, so you’ll have to play things down and use your famous tact. Someone can compel you to listen to his/her point of view.
CAPRICORN: It’s a good day to discuss your objectives with those who can help you out. Expect positive news about a legal concern. Co-operative endeavours are especially favoured today, so focus on the smaller details and you should see a significant improvement around you.
AQUARIUS: A current situation can be best tackled by discussing it openly with your partner. Make sure there are enough resources to meet your needs, and avoid serious arguments. You may plan a surprise party for someone who has a special occasion to celebrate.
PISCES: This could be a day for self-discovery! You can realise greater potentials, but flexibility in your dealings will play a key part in achieving an important milestone. Travel plans are indicated. The spotlight may also be on domestic issues. Exaggerated compliments from your heartthrob may be rather more than you feel comfortable with.