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27 September 2020

ARIES: Someone or new information can help direct you, spread word of mouth, or contribute to your projects or skills. You have love and hope in your heart today, and your appeal runs high. Your curiosity increases concerning complicated, mysterious, and unresolved topics in the weeks ahead.

TAURUS: The path to fulfillment right now is taking care of the practical aspects and details of your life. Focusing on your foundations can bring great rewards now, as can finding ways to simplify your life and narrow your focus just for the time being. It’s easier than usual to identify practical priorities.

GEMINI: Today is strong for making valuable connections. It’s a good time for communications, particularly those that serve a distinct purpose, favorable reviews, or positive word of mouth. You might also enjoy helping someone grow, improve, or expand their options.

CANCER: Through service to others, you may be finding your direction today. While you’re inclined to go about your business rather quietly right now, people are valuing you for your commitment. These days, you’re finding that you grow when you put your faith in others’ positive qualities.

LEO: You’re in good shape for self-expression, friendship, and a positive self-image. Giving yourself to others, contributing your ideas and talents, or working towards increased happiness and health are in strong focus. Welcoming new methods makes sense now.

VIRGO: You’re learning valuable lessons about challenging yourself these days, and you might reap some of the benefits of taking on more responsibility now. Building your self-esteem seems to come through facing reality, taking on challenges, and applying yourself with more discipline.

LIBRA: You’re raring to go about increasing your knowledge or feeding your spirit today. Pulling yourself out of everyday life’s duller details to work on freshening your mind can be most worthwhile now. You might enjoy enlightening and refreshing thoughts, studies, and activities, and there can be valuable connections made with friends, associates, teachers, guides, or counselors.

SCORPIO: You might enjoy a boost to your reputation or bond with someone who shares similar goals and visions. You can find yourself pleasantly committed to your work or a particular purpose. There is favorable energy with you for getting a sense of what you want to achieve in the larger scheme of things.

SAGITTARIUS: Pulling some of the pressure or attention away from yourself can be very appropriate and favorable for you now. Energies are good for making connections that can further personal growth or help you advance your studies and broaden your horizons. It’s an excellent time to focus on the needs of someone special to you. You might attract helpful people and even information into your life.

CAPRICORN: Today’s energies are strong for research, observation, and new insight into yourself or a relationship. You might find yourself pleasantly committed to a person or project now. Throwing yourself into a project or mystery to solve is especially appealing. Pooling resources with someone or otherwise managing money can be in focus and positive.

AQUARIUS: Today is strong for bonding with a partner or reaching a fair agreement or compromise. You might feel pleasantly connected to someone or comfortably focused on a relationship. Romantic and creative connections can contribute to your growth and sense of fulfillment. People help you, and you help them.

PISCES: You’re sorting through your feelings and experiences, and you may very well need some space to do so. Nevertheless, you can find much to enjoy in work, service, and daily routines. You are a little more hopeful and optimistic, as well as spontaneous and free with your ideas and thoughts. You have the power to inspire and help others with your words or encouragement.