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26th Tsütuonuomia Inter Peli Riizhii 2020 held

Inter Peli
Executive Engineer (Power) Ruokuongutuo Suohu and others with winners on February 29, 2020.

Kohima, February 29: The 26th Tsütuonuomia Inter Peli Rüzhü (Tournament) was held today at T. Khel, Kohima village under the aegis of Tsütuonuomia Youth Organization (TYO) and T. Khel Peli Union.
Gracing the inaugural function as the special guest, Executive Engineer CAWD Nagaland, Sungtiba Adu Amer stressed on the need to promote and revive the indigenous games, which represent the identity of the Nagas.
He complimented TYO for extending commendable services to the community in various forms.
TYO president Ruokuoneituo Phewhuo said TYO in collaboration with T. Khel Peli Union have been organizing the indigenous games tournament annually for the last 26 years to preserve the indigenous games and also to let the younger generation understand and upkeep the rich and colorful traditional practices of the forefathers.
T. Khel Peli Union chairman Visasielie Suohu delivered the welcome address while Executive Engineer (Power) Ruokuongutuo Suohu graced the valedictory function and gave away prize to the winners.
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The results of different competitions are:
Mepfü Kemetsa
1st: Mhiesisetuo Zatsu- Peli 18
2nd: Keneiser Solo- Peli 17
3rd: Kekhriesituo Whuorie- Peli 17
Khuthuo Ze
1st: Kikrungulie Whuorie- Peli 15
2nd: Kelhouhenyii Whuorie- Peli 16
3rd: Kikrukhrielie Solo- Peli 13
1st: Keviphrii Sekhose- Peli 18
2nd: Ketoukhriezo Whuorie- Peli 16
3rd: Thejangulie Suohu (Peli 18) and Kekhriesituo Whuorie (Peli 17)
Kero Ketesü (Men)
1st: Miavimia- Peli 17
2nd: Viyachii- Peli 15
Kero Ketesü (Women)
1st: Kevichadze- Peli 16
2nd: Khrie Lozi- Peli 18
Thedze Keya (Men)
1st- Khrie Lozi- Peli 18
2nd- Kevichadze- Peli 16
Thedze Keya (Women)
1st- Khrie Lozi- Peli 18
2nd- Unified Team
1st- Unified Team
2nd- Khrie Lozi- Peli 18