Sunday, July 25, 2021
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26th September 2019

ARIES: The day can find you intense on a mental level. You want to get to the bottom of an issue. If you find that you’re quickly becoming obsessed with a matter and it’s interfering with your priorities, you might try rechanneling this passion into a useful endeavor.
TAURUS: Tensions can emerge over differences of opinions or methods today, with Mercury square Pluto. Something communicated can get to you, or words can bite. If there’ve been problems brewing regarding your workload, they may very well erupt now.
GEMINI: Your desire to go your own way and to do your own thing is compelling today, but you could also fear leaving something or someone alone. Mixed messages are given and received now. If you’re holding onto resentment, this can come up to the surface in disruptive ways.
CANCER: Today can be tricky. Uncertainty or insecurities with relationships or direction can interrupt your enjoyment of downtime, family, or home life. If something or someone touches a nerve, pay particular attention–it may be precisely what you need to work on to make your life more comfortable and less guilt-ridden.
LEO: Decisions are not easy to come by today. Circumstances can almost seem to be riling you up or pulling out buried frustration, particularly related to intelligence, ideas, and beliefs. Something communicated can get to you. Do your best to learn about why these things are pushing your buttons, as this can bring an emotional release of sorts.
VIRGO: Today can be a little confusing or frustrating regarding ownership or sharing matters. Differing core values can be glaring, or feelings of indebtedness could interfere with healthy interactions. However, this is a time for learning from the vulnerabilities that seem to reveal themselves today.
LIBRA: There is a particular focus on your plans, needs, and agenda right now, dear Libra. However, you might struggle with your sense of independence and attachments right now. You might also see-saw between feeling slightly uncomfortable when you’re in the spotlight but frustrated if you’re overlooked!
SCORPIO: You may be struggling with finding a balance between work and rest right now. As well, events of the day can touch upon some sore spots. However, in the process, you might become aware of where guilt has been undermining your actions, decisions, or relationships.
SAGITTARIUS: You might struggle with whether to go it alone or enlist help on a matter today. Or, it can be challenging to see someone clearly, and doubts or insecurities may emerge about a relationship. An old problem area can crop back up, and although tense, it can also be a time for coming to a better understanding of yourself and others.
CAPRICORN: You have a lot going on at the top of your solar chart, and this area is where you meet the world on a public or professional level. Today, there can be challenges balancing all of this with your personal life, living situation, or family affairs.
AQUARIUS: Watch for the temptation to take a roundabout approach to getting answers or what you want today, dear Aquarius. We tend to make things more complicated for ourselves with current transits. Interactions with others tend to trigger old problem areas.
PISCES: Insecurities or uncertainties seem to rise to the surface today, and they may relate to your income, talents, or what you have to offer. Troubled areas surrounding values, money, intimacy, and ownership can emerge in unusual ways, and likely through loaded interactions with others.