Sunday, September 19, 2021
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26th May 2019

ARIES: Today you’ll be more intuitive about the health of others. Those of you in the healing professions can work miracles, but remember to guard your own health first.
TAURUS: Today it will be hard not to smile! Enjoy the simple things in life surrounded by those you love best. If there are children in your life, let them remind you of the joy and wonder of the season.
GEMINI: Planetary action makes you more sensitive to your environment, as sudden energy blasts against traditional obstructions. Tender loving care for yourself or someone close to you is the order of the day.
CANCER: You may find yourself feeling rather jumpy today you might want to keep your radio on the easy listening station today.Leave the television off end the day with a favourite beverage and an interesting book.
LEO: If you’ve been under pressure lately, you might reach critical mass today. You’re likely to bite your room- mate’s head off if your head isn’t bitten off first… try to find something to laugh about to ease the tension.
VIRGO: Today,stimulating your dreams for the future. If you can imagine it, you can become it, so don’t let doubt and insecurity get you down. The power of positive thinking can really be utilized under this influence.
LIBRA: Today you feel the need to tie up loose ends. This is a wonderful day to clear out your closets, medicine cabinet and attic of things you don’t want or need. Plan to give what can still be used to a local charity.
SCORPIO: Today; the desire to make home improvements could be overwhelming. Slow down so you don’t hurt yourself… there is always a possibility of cuts and bruises so take precautions.
SAGITTARIUS: Disturbing dreams and intense emotions dominate the day; try to look at this discomfort as a healing process. You may have to face those who have helped produce much of your inner torment at this time, The only way out is forgiveness.
CAPRICORN: This is a wonderful day for celebrations, but if you don’t turn in early and get a good night’s sleep, you are likely to feel like a pumpkin tomorrow. Enjoy rich food and drink in moderation.
AQUARIUS: Take control of your emotional responses before they take control of you. If you’ve never given primal scream therapy a try,you might want to experience it over the next day or two.
PISCES: Spending quality time with your partner is requisite now as neglecting them could lead to a very nasty scene within the next two days. Some of you are presenting a very lovely image to the public but are hiding or ignoring serious difficulties.