26th March 2018


ARIES: You are likely to experience a depth of intensity in your relationships today stars are making it easier for you to see through to the true motivations of others. Pay attention to body language and things that go unsaid.
TAURUS: Today, flamboyant creativity strikes! Mundane responsibilities seem tedious and uninspiring. Some of you may become rather more interested in fun and games than taking care of business, or any serious matters.
GEMINI: Your personal charm increases .Minor squabbles, disputes and misunderstandings arise from haste, inattention or over-reaction. Use that charm! If you take things calmly and encourage others to do the same, the day will flow more easily.
CANCER: A financial opportunity is linked to foreign contacts or companies try to use this opportunity to the optimum. Consider the broader picture and new inspiration will provide the key to long term success
LEO: Pressures in your professional life take their toll and you seek ways to alter the present confines to one of action, excitement and less of the mundane.A relationship that makes you feel restless and confined finds some level of closure.
VIRGO: Moderation is not the key-word of the moment. You see children more as extensions of yourself than as individuals in their own right and you perceive their actions, good or bad, as a direct reflection on you. Romantic encounters now involve more ego-gratification than emotional commitment.
LIBRA: Work could be a battlefield, with stresses and challenges at every turn. The temperature is high but don’t be the one who loses their cool. Be wary of outbursts and work-related mishaps. The likelihood of an accident is high if you’re rushing and not taking due care. Troubles overseas may affect you.
SCORPIO: Friction may arise between you and in-laws or those at a distance while the sensitive Moon moves through your ninth house. You may need to bite your tongue if you want to keep the peace… not always the easiest thing.
SAGITTARIUS: As pressure increases in your professional life, it becomes more important for your home to be a haven from the stress of the world. Take time out to enjoy the little things that bring you pleasure.
CAPRICORN: The morning may require a combination of recovery and restraint, try to break free from your normal routine and occupy your mind with higher matters. Go on some exotic adventure, even if it’s just a foreign restaurant you’ve never tried before.
AQUARIUS: If you are angry with some one it is better to bite your tongue raher than utter angry words. Focus on your positive ideas for the future rather than the petty arguments of others.
PISCES: Today stars stimulates your desire to be prosperous and generous. You may receive assistance from others as you seek your fortune, especially from females in your life. People are more likely to be attracted to you, so take this opportunity to make a good impression.