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26th July 2019

ARIES: You have just the right approach in knowing what to say to people now. Your intelligence comes across well. You have new ideas about how to improve relationships and make the world more beautiful and pleasant.
TAURUS: Remain confident in any transaction. Don’t feel guilty for being business-like in those negotiations. Don’t let people overpower you with emotion, especially anger as people may be trying to take advantage of you under these current transits.
GEMINI: Solidify your personal relationships by offering assistance and advice when you can, even if it means postponing your own immediate needs. The advice you offer will still be appreciated for your motivation behind it. Remember, it’s the thought behind those actions that count.
CANCER: Your work will be rewarded swiftly and is a refreshing change. You’ll possibly find that your employment requires more emotional input, but this, in turn, has created a sense that you need a far higher standard to aspire to.
LEO: You can portray yourself in whatever way you want and will find the next few weeks a satisfying period. Ask for what you want, whether in romance or career. You can liberate yourself from any exacting work demands and finally resolve stalled relationships.
VIRGO: Troubles with women are likely, especially if they are needy and uncompromising. This is because of the influence of the Moon and Pluto. This can be a troublesome transit. Once again, the issue of unconditional love challenges you. Don’t be afraid to advertise your talents.
LIBRA: You’ll review and evaluate your current job and career options in the coming weeks. Minor disruptions or delays cause setbacks in preparing new projects at this time. Mental concentration is impaired or correspondence with business executives or associates can lead to confusion or misunderstandings.
SCORPIO: If you’re not happy with some aspect of your personal life, disagreements or tension in close relationships may be a signal that you need to take a different approach. For some, it may mean beginning a new romantic relationship or there may be a temptation to break off an existing one.
SAGITTARIUS: You experience increased emotional connections with friends now. Female associations, in particular, will be strong and bonding will be a source of great pleasure. If you’ve been seeking romance and you feel as though you’re at a dead-end it may be time to relax and stop trying so hard.
CAPRICORN: You have humane instincts and can easily communicate your desire to help others. Doing charitable work is on the cards. Friends will be a bonus now as you connect with the feminine side of yourself and more easily. The art of seduction is also appealing.
AQUARIUS: You feel confused about who your friends and enemies are now. Look more closely at who’s going to be of benefit and who’s holding you back. Sometimes, seeing clearly isn’t easy. It may take a little longer to come to the right conclusion.
PISCES: You are feeling much more settled in relationships right now. Perhaps, as a result, you’ll also be redirecting your energies closer to home, possibly on yourself or you feel the need to do some work on re-establishing what your inner priorities are.