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26th August 2019

ARIES: Combining work and play comes naturally and works well for you. There can be an exciting find or purchase, or the excitement of redesigning or reorganizing things. You need a change of pace and monotony is uninspiring today.
TAURUS: A new style or other updates to your appearance or approach to the world may be part of today’s explorations. A surprise attraction may be part of your day, or a partner could bring a pleasant surprise into your life. It’s also a fine time to drop unhealthy expectations and aim instead to enjoy the moment
GEMINI: Emotional blocks are freed up. There can be a pleasant surprise. You’re more accepting of any unusual or new feelings you’re experiencing now. Be willing to break down barriers. Getting rid of clutter in your home can be especially helpful for improving your outlook, as you can feel lighter and freer.
CANCER: It’s a great time for personal appeal on a mental level, or you’re taking much pleasure in learning something new. Later today, be a little more cautious about how you express yourself, as there is a tendency to make a controversy out of small misunderstandings. You may be better off outside of this kind of drama.
LEO: You’re particularly willing to explore a new feeling, method, idea, or interest related to money, business, or work, although this theme can affect you on a personal level as well. A pleasant discovery or surprise can figure prominently. Your intuition regarding business and financial matters is excellent, and you might enjoy a great buy or find.
VIRGO: Your desires can be unusual and different today, leading you along new paths. In many ways, this theme will stick with you for the month ahead. People admire your originality right now, particularly your intelligence, ideas, and beliefs. You might make connections that excite and delight you.
LIBRA: You may not be feeling quite as attached to a matter, and this frees you up. It’s a good time for experimenting in a relationship. There may be a release from an old obligation that makes you feel a little lighter. A lot is going on behind the scenes or on the inside today.
SCORPIO: You may be getting rid of something you no longer need or merely turning the other cheek. Either way, it can be liberating. People can inspire you, and you seem to have a similar effect on someone. Love and friendship can bring pleasant surprises, or teaming up can bring rewards.
SAGITTARIUS: There is a friendly, progressive, and detached theme that helps you see things in a new way. You may forget your troubles and enjoy yourself a little more than usual. A change of pace with your practical affairs, career, or health can be just what you need.
CAPRICORN: A break from the routine is recommended, not just today, but in the weeks ahead, as it helps your intuition kick in. Attractions and desires can be sudden and unusual. They may very well be temporary, but that doesn’t mean you can’t thoroughly enjoy them and take the experience forward with you.
AQUARIUS: There can be pleasant changes on the home front, or a sudden desire to change up your immediate environment. A refreshing change of pace can figure strongly and pleasantly. You are attracted to unusual feelings, interests, and sensations. Your intuitive feelers are at work, and you might make some fascinating observations.
PISCES: You’re especially attracted to communications or projects that are progressive, and fortunately, these are most favored today. Problem-solving is enhanced, especially when inspired by a friend or partner. Freedom and acceptance are vital themes in your relationships today.