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26th August 2018

ARIES: Discontentment and disappointment will keep your spirits low. Overcome negative thoughts and despondency as there is a silver lining to every cloud. You will be in a confused state of mind. Perseverance is the keyword. Leave the rest to destiny.
TAURUS: You are bubbling with zest and energy. A good day to complete pending work. There are commitments and responsibilities but you will be good enough to come up to the expectations of near and dear ones and will keep them in good mood today.
GEMINI: If you put your efforts in the right direction you will be rewarded today. Romance will rule your mind in spite of some important jobs. Let your head rule and not the mind else you may get into some difficult situation. Balanced judgement is the keyword. Do not lend money today. Guard valuables for they may get misplaced.
CANCER: Pending payments will be recovered if you put in some constructive efforts in this direction. Use your high energy to accomplish important tasks. Discord at home may cause dejection but handle the situation tactfully. Few tensions may leave you irritated. Your sweetheart will demand time and attention.
LEO: Put your best foot forward today and then watch the gains for your endeavour reaping in an unexpected manner. Outings and parties are on the cards. Do not neglect your soul mate for you may end up annoying someone so dear for not being able to give enough time. Advice for today is ignoring friends who just waste your time.
VIRGO: You will be in an optimistic and a happy go lucky mood today and this will be on account of someone very special helping you out in an unexpected way. Your charm and personality have a very good impact on people around you. Do not take loans for it may lead to disappointment in near future. Handle your finance carefully.
LIBRA: You will make important agreements at work today. Your soul mate will keep your spirits high during the day. Be careful while driving. Your relative will be very helpful, more than you expected them to be. The early hours of the day bring some good news. Meeting important people will bring good results. Being kind and tolerant is the magic mantra for today.
SCORPIO: You achieve success on account of your perfectionist attitude today. Attend minute details and see how your hard work is rewarded. If you have a problem discuss it with others for they may help you to overcome it amicably. Take a break from work and go for a short pleasure trip. You may feel restless and may not like to stay at one place. Move ahead change will be favourable.
SAGITTARIUS: Not a favourable day for work and business activities. For some new romantic ties which will be exciting but not long lasting. Avoid revealing secrets to people around you for someone may use it to your disadvantage causing loss of reputation today. Expenses need to be curtailed for you may end up overspending on things not actually required.
CAPRICORN: Things will move smoothly and in favourably for those in a job. Colleagues will be very supportive. Avoid being stubborn and pay heed to what others say. Use your creative ideas as they will be of great help today. Getting hostile may turn things against you for which you may have to regret later. Take care of health. Do not get involved in arguments.
AQUARIUS: Today recoup your lost energy for you certainly need to put it into a rewarding enterprise. To accomplish a pending job put on your thinking cap. Be secretive about your plans. Elders will be supportive and caring. You will receive gifts and presents which will reflect that romance is turning into deeper bonds.
PISCES: You will be very confident today so growth and progress are assured by leaps and bounds. You will have an inclination towards religious activities. You will get the support and cooperation of loved ones. Some long-standing worries will be banished once and forever. You will feel fit and energetic during the day.