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26th April 2019

ARIES: You will be engaged in routine affairs, only occasionally wriggling from her tenacious paws to touch someone else’s creativity. Today you will discover a new literary author or artist who creates paintings in a style that you have not seen before. Studying the creativity of these people will become for you the most engaging, memorable event of this dull day.
TAURUS: You will come here on the instructions of your manager, but in the end you will have time not only to carry out business, but also to experience many strong emotions. The greatest number of them will come from a pretty young person (the face of the opposite sex).
GEMINI: Colleagues will be astonished to see how you throw out an important report, knowing that it will cause terrible anger from your boss. And, personally, you will not care about his outrage, or anything else that happens on the work site today.
CANCER: You will certainly achieve this goal, but to others your behavior will look rather strange. You will refuse to answer even the simplest question, pretending that you are not interested and unpleasant to communicate with to all who are around.
LEO: These people do not know the subtleties of all your affairs, and so it goes without saying that cannot give you personalized advice. But the internet is capable of rendering you great assistance. Find a forum where people who find themselves in the same situation as you share their experiences.
VIRGO: You, of course, will be surprised to learn the news that this lonely elderly person has met someone. Then, realizing all the ramifications of what is happening, you will understand that your relative is completely right, deciding to open up for a new relationship.
LIBRA: In official affairs, you will be called to help a person whom you have long been an admirer of. By accepting this role, you agree that you will spend this evening with your assistant or possible new friend. A romantic date that takes place after work will amaze you with its lightness and simplicity.
SCORPIO: Your career will not move forward if you are rushing about from project to project. Decide for yourself the main priority, and then methodically engage in this task. In the evening, you should forget about your professional responsibilities and everything else that happens at work.
SAGITTARIUS: You will remain dissatisfied with yourself and with how you negotiated with a potential investor. This person will not give you an outright refusal, but from his tone you will understand that he does not really want to cooperate with you.
CAPRICORN: Capricorns on this day brilliantly perform a complex project, using some innovative methodology. For all its genius and simplicity, this method will not please your conservative boss. Do not try to convince him you’re right (this is like throwing a pebble at a stone wall).
AQUARIUS: You will not even notice that a very worthy person is trying to attract your attention, showing you great interest. You dryly talk to them, but still give them your contact info. In the evening your fan will send you a message on social media which you will learn a lot from.
PISCES: You can readily do all the work related to your job (in this you will get help from your friends and co-workers). After the working day ends, you all decide to spend time in a cafe. This will not be a typical party, but a discussion of a number of very important issues.